Weed Grower 2 : Legalization

The best place to grow money on trees: Weed Grower 2: Legalization Playing farm brings more fun if you can grow weed o…
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The best place to grow money on trees: Weed Grower 2: Legalization Playing farm brings more fun if you can grow weed on it or open your own pot firm! The Legalization Era has already come! All buds fans - brace yourself: prepare your eyes for the new weed growing scenery, prepare your minds to spend initial herb capital wisely, become the most respected Weed tycoon on the block or build your skyrocketing galaxy-wide pot growing Empire. Weed Grower 2: Legalization gameplay: As a weed tycoon you will grow multiply herb strains, groom cannabis, buy water and equipment for it, boost your crops with nutrients and fertilizers, harvest buds, and make pot deals with the locals achieving high profits from your firm. Weed shop game is not that easy as it seems, in this game you need to buy the licenses, cannabis seeds, water supply, carefully monitor the energy levels, lightning and vent system. Learn the art of being real weed grower, watch the smell of your cannabis crops to avoid attracting the cops to your bud firm. A little pot farm hack - the buds of cannabis will grow real-time on your pot farm, getting ripe in short periods of time. Collect one, five or ten harvests per day, challenge your cannabis-growing patience and collect pot farm high profits. After your pot farm produces the top-notch buds you can sell them to customers who will spread the news about your excellent product among their friends. Grow not just buds but the reputation as well. In weed growing business every consumer has individual requests. Don’t be greedy seller as the rest of the dealers – be a cool weed tycoon, who gives discounts and has a wide range of bud sorts. Make friends with locals, and get your pot farm high profits. Weed Grower game: progressing Here is another weed shop game secret - increasing your weed grower reputation by selling right buds to the visitors brings you extra points that allow you to unlock the access to the other precious weed firm game items, including additional cannabis sorts, wholesale contracts and upgraded equipment. If you look for the sell weed game simulator our game is a good option that has been approved by millions weed fans. Start your little pot farm today, cultivate your cannabis harvest and end up as a most influential weed tycoon tomorrow! Please note that Weed Grower 2: Legalization is free to download and play. Some in-game items are available for purchase using real money. Weed Grower 2: Legalization - Game Features: *Plant, grow, fertilize, and boost your crops as game proceeds *Harvest your cannabis buds real-time *Upgrade your weed firm equipment: lamps, conditioners, water pumps, pots, and vent systems to grow more buds faster. *Make deals with local customers *Make friends and establish your finest pot farm *Grow your weed tycoon reputation to achieve additional benefits and earn more money *Reach high profits in your weed shop game *Grow better crops with Skunk and Purple Haze cannabis sorts. *Extend your existing weed firm, reach the highest level and compete with other weed farm tycoons in leaderboard. We are now social! Follow us on: https://www.facebook.com/weedgrowertycoon/ https://www.instagram.com/weedgrowertycoon/ https://twitter.com/WeedTycoon https://youtu.be/Ug7atxQrlA0
Genre:Role Playing, Simulation
Release:Sep 14, 2017
Updated:Nov 21, 2019
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