Warlock TetroPuzzle

Maksym Matiushenko
Would you like to become a warlock who controls tetromino magic? Or you’re a fan of block puzzles and want unique innova…
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Would you like to become a warlock who controls tetromino magic? Or you’re a fan of block puzzles and want unique innovative mechanics? Welcome to a new tetromino puzzle game that offers to combine mechanics of tile matching and tetris-like games. This magic solitaire contains of next item: - The board includes a 10x10 or 11*11 grid of squares with magic artifacts, runes and traps. - Two arcane tetromino figure on your right may help you decide the future of the gameplay - Different types of artifacts that can be obtained using magic blocks. Mana points are awarded differently for each type. - Elixirs of time which can allow you to place more pieces on the board and gain more mana points. - Wall bonuses for completing a row or column of a dungeon. - Trapped dungeon tiles which cannot be cast with a magic Figure, but can be cleared by surrounding this tile. The idea of this board game is pretty simple. You have the dungeon on your screen, which can remind you of a solitaire match3 game, but here is the difference - you must choose and place your enchanted piece so that it collects the most mana points from artifacts. So Drag and drop tetris figure on the grid. Get artifacts from grid and score points. Use your puzzle-solving skills to maximize your score. Train your brain and conquer high scores. This offline block solitaire doesn’t need a WIFI connection. You can play Warlock Tetropuzzle offline and this fun strategy is suitable for kids. Another cool part is that you can play it for free, completely focusing on the process. You have just 9 moves, so the brain teaser is quick enough, and you won’t get bored, just excited. This is a real maze for engineers of different ages and gender. It’s not easy to handle this craft, but as long as there are plenty of meaningful decisions, each step will have consequences. Isn’t it cool? • Every level is a challenge for those who want to develop their logical thinking • It’s not a simple time- killer, it’s like a deep board game to work out the strategy • You can have quick competition with the best and the fiercest opponent- yourself • You can track our results and see your progress • It’s the cool mix of gambling and hope when you wait for the right piece of the tactic puzzle and get a variety of different emotions every single time • Adventure Mode. Dive into two thrilling campaigns with multiple challenging levels! Each campaign offers a unique fun adventure. Can you master them both? • Leaderboards. Are you a competitive player? Challenge yourself in single mode and check your ranking on the global leaderboard. • Daily Challenge. One strategy puzzle a day keeps the neurologist away. Be the best and the smartest, at least for a day • Achievements. More than 40! Complete challenges and earn exclusive achievements! • Visually stunning graphics and amazing soundtrack • Beautifully easy and simple, no pressure and no time limit If you like magic like Merlin and math like Ada Lovelace, this 2D puzzle is for you. If you like to think and analyze, Warlock Tetropuzzle it is your choice. Download this block game for free right now. You can play it from every corner of the world or sitting at home. This is the perfect brain-teasing solitaire & perfect for little pocket of time. Boost your IQ through every move
Seller:Maksym Matiushenko
Genre:Arcade, Puzzle
Release:Jun 17, 2024
Updated:Jul 15, 2024
Size:189.4 MB
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