VENARI - Escape Room Adventure

M9 Creative LTD
Embark on an epic adventure to an ancient, mysterious island where your escape room puzzle skills will be put to the tes…
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Embark on an epic adventure to an ancient, mysterious island where your escape room puzzle skills will be put to the test! After a surprising encounter with an old friend, you are handed a secret map revealing the location of a long-lost, mystical object known as the Venari artefact. Intrigued by the mystery and driven by curiosity, you charter a sea plane to an uncharted island shrouded in mystery. As you touch down at the island’s shore, you quickly realise that this journey will demand every ounce of your puzzle-solving prowess. The island is a labyrinth of ancient ruins, hidden chambers, and intricate puzzles, each guarding clues and secrets that inch you closer to the artefact. Gameplay Venari offers a rich and immersive experience, combining elements of adventure and challenging puzzles. Navigate through beautifully crafted environments, each filled with intricate details and challenging puzzles designed to test your wits. • Explore the Island: Traverse through rocky terrain, forgotten temples, and eerie caves. Each location is meticulously designed, offering a unique challenge and atmosphere. • Solve Challenging Puzzles: Engage in a variety of puzzles that range from logic-based challenges to intricate mechanical devices. Every solved puzzle brings you one step closer to the Venari artefact. • Uncover Hidden Secrets: As you delve deeper into the island, discover hidden secrets and pieces of lore that unravel the history of the Venari artefact and the ancient civilisation that once thrived here. Controls • Use the on-screen joystick to move. • Swipe the screen to look around. • Tap the circle icon when it appears to interact with objects and solve puzzles. Will You Succeed? The path to the Venari artefact is fraught with challenges. Can you navigate the island’s secrets and overcome the challenges that lie ahead? Will your puzzle-solving skills be enough to claim the Venari artefact and uncover its mysteries? Venari is a first-person 3D escape room puzzle adventure, reminiscent of classic ’90s games and modern virtual escape rooms. Immerse yourself in a detailed outdoor world, exploring and collecting items to solve puzzles and escape the areas. Play as an adventurer on a quest for the elusive Venari artefact. Explore diverse areas and soak in the surroundings. Use your puzzle-solving skills to navigate across the island. Tackle puzzles at your own pace. Each puzzle has a logical solution, so take your time. There’s no rush—enjoy the process of figuring out what you need to do.
Seller:M9 Creative LTD
Genre:Adventure, Arcade
Release:Jul 02, 2024
Updated:Jul 13, 2024
Size:1.1 GB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal
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