Urban Cards

Hues Games
*Recommended for iPad 5 (2017), iPad Air 2, and everything newer* Urban Cards is a deck-building roguelike where earnin…
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*Recommended for iPad 5 (2017), iPad Air 2, and everything newer* Urban Cards is a deck-building roguelike where earning money is the key to staying afloat in an unfair world. Build businesses, hire workaholic employees and thieves to steal from the competition. Create the perfect deck and work your way to the top! This is a satire-themed game with 3+ factions and playstyles to choose from. OPER: The realm of the millionaire CEO, the workaholic suit, and the dangerous smile of a lending shark. Bedazzled by generous bonuses, but be careful of its ferocious appetite for debt. AKIBARA: The technology valley controlled by gamers, hackers, and neon lights. This is where bitcoin fortunes are made with other people's data, this is where big brother comes to watch. GASTOWN: The poor and forgotten inhabitants are adept at sabotaging their opponent, stealing from their business while ruling the streets. This do-or-die faction doesn’t shy away from a healthy dose of physical violence to achieve its aims. FEATURES Build and customize your own deck by choosing from 180+ cards Choose from three different factions and their unique starter decks: Oper, Akibara, Gastown Carefully manage the different types of cards at your disposal: Business, Workers, Henchmen, Actions, and Objects Accept the challenge and make your way through a procedurally generated campaign with 20+ Events and many hours of replayability More than dozens of different enemies stand in your way of success: from mob bosses to otaku and money lenders. Get ready to defeat the biggest crook of them all: the Government! Collect 30+ special items to aid you in your quest to make even more money!
Seller:Hues Games
Genre:Card, Strategy
Release:Apr 16, 2023
Updated:May 15, 2023
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