Tzuki's Plan B: Planet Odyssey

Cokoon Games Lab
Save the world with the help of our scientist Tzuki in this platform adventure game! A dangerous experiment has failed …
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Save the world with the help of our scientist Tzuki in this platform adventure game! A dangerous experiment has failed and it is quickly polluting Narona. Luckily, our scientist Tzuki with the help of good friends has a plan B to save the world... Help her control her power to complete her environmental mission in this story: Save nature from the disaster caused by the failed experiment and cleanse the forest and land of Narona in these free platform adventure simulation full of stories and challenges! Tzukis's Plan B: Save the World is a unique indie simulation game with tap and click mechanics. Continue the story journey in this adventure to solve the pollution of Narona and protect nature as you venture into a new world! Throughout this casual platform adventure, discover with Tzuki and friends to dodge all sorts of nature’s adversities and upgrade her abilities to explore and save the world in this endless indie challenge. Choose her path in this story and experience hours of fun playing this magic world simulation mobile - also offline! Help Tzuki through more than three hundred proposed stories and action challenges in an intensive journey to save the world! Discover together with her and her friends the mysteries and secrets hidden in the wonderful county of Narona. TZUKIS'S PLAN B: SAVE THE WORLD - ADVENTURE STORY - A free endless platform adventure simulation that will take you through a journey across Narona: the world of nature is in danger... Save the forest in this fantastic action story! - More than 40 levels to play with different missions to experience: collect gold coins and gems, save animals, jump over obstacles, go through the forests, and get enough points to reach the next level. - Discover, explore, unlock and level up in this mobile indie adventure: four unique and awesome characters for free! - Upgrade your skills and energy in the world of nature and solve unique challenges: tap and click in this science adventure story game! - Buy resources in the forest shop: coins, gems, and wool. - Show your action skills ability in these casual adventure stories with tap and click mechanics! - There’s no need for an Internet connection. Enjoy Tzuki's journey in this free indie game also offline! Play this beautiful interactive story and choose Tzuki's path to save the world in this mobile challenge simulation! Fan of Tzukis's Plan B: Save the World - Adventure Story? Follow us on our social accounts: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
Seller:Cokoon Games Lab
Genre:Adventure, Arcade
Release:Jul 12, 2021
Updated:Oct 01, 2021
Size:383.4 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal