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ARE YOU TWISTED? Get TWIST3D - the only Match-3-in-3D experience that lets you support good causes simply by playing the…
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ARE YOU TWISTED? Get TWIST3D - the only Match-3-in-3D experience that lets you support good causes simply by playing the game! Twist and spin the cube, find and destroy matches, solving puzzles and collect magical Gems! Discover lots of fresh challenges as you climb the leaderboards! OH MY! Tap to destroy rows of colors WHOOSH! Spin the 3D cube to spot new combos OOO SHINY! Match combo colors with Gems to solve puzzles Sounds easy enough, right? GAME FEATURES: - Addictive and unique match-making experience - Enjoy the gorgeous and minimalistic art style - Unlock powerful boosters and mystery prizes - Challenge your Facebook friends to beat your best score! - Support great charities through Karmafy! Karmafy - what's that? Well - we've here at Chroma have decided that we want to give away some the money we make from our games away to good causes, and we want *you* to tell us where to send it! So we've teamed up with those lovely people from Karmafy to make it possible. All you have to do is pick a good cause or charity to support within the game, and any Karmafy Points you earn in the game go towards the organization you choose. We add up all the points given to each organization, and divide up the pot accordingly. The more points you earn, the more money they get. Simple! FAQ: Q: What do I have to do to make a difference? A: Simple! Just choose an organization to support. You can do that either in one of the pop-ups, or from the Karmafy Menu (press the blue swirly thing). From then on, you're making a difference! Q: What if I don't choose an organization? A: Two things. One - less money overall goes to the organizations, plus you don't get a say where it goes. Two - we'll all be very sad. Q: How can I make sure my organization gets more of a share? A: The easiest way is to keep playing! There are all sorts of ways to earn Karmafy Points. You can unlock levels, play a bit every day, beat your friends' in the Tournament, share your awesomeness on Facebook, all sorts of stuff. The more points you get, the more money they get. Q: How do I know what happens with the money you raise? A: So one of the really awesome things about Karmafy (and one of the reasons why we teamed up with them) is they can tell you the effect your playing has on the world. You'll find out how much clean water you've supplied, or how much land gets cleared from landmines, or how many people get to eat fruit and vegetables every day because of you and your fellow players. Q: How much money are you giving away? A: That depends on you. We've pledged to give away 10% of all the money we earn from all the players that choose an organization. So the more of you guys and gals that pick someone to support, the more we give away. Q: Don't I have to buy anything to make a difference? A: Not at all! If you do buy stuff, that's great, and it means that we've got more money overall to give away. But when it comes down to it, all you have to do is play the game and pick someone to support. The smallest thing you do in the game can actually make a real difference to someone else somewhere in the world. If you care enough to choose, we'll do the rest. Q: Why are you doing this? A: Because we believe that choosing to care is a pretty awesome thing to do. And we think our fans are...well...pretty awesome people :) So what are you waiting for? Start playing, and choose to make a difference! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!
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Updated:Mar 07, 2017
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