Trenches: Generals

Catapult Consulting, LLC
80% off for Labor Day! Take the the trenches and slay on, my friends! The AppStore Top 10 hit comes to the iPad as Tren…
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80% off for Labor Day! Take the the trenches and slay on, my friends! The AppStore Top 10 hit comes to the iPad as Trenches: Generals! ********* -=- Local and GameCenter Global Multiplayer with Friend Invites -=- The wait is over. Trenches: Generals v1.2 is now out and it bears a payload of update AWESOMENESS! Here it is players ... as promised ... the FREE update containing ... GameCenter global multiplayer. Let the mayhem begin! ********* NOTE: Trenches: Generals uses a lot of memory, so please restart iPad before playing to avoid crashes. Take to the trenches once again in this redefined version of Trenches built for the iPad from the ground up with exclusive features and content! BRAND NEW CAMPAIGN The war rages on and you must continue the war effort in Western Europe during the Great War. The brand new campaign allows you to have more fun than ever before and allow for a whole new experience! AWESOME PERK UPGRADES For the first time ever, Trenches introduces a perk system to allow the player to customize the way they battle! Love the sniper? Now you can choose the perks to equip them with better weaponry or reduce their cost. Does dropping heavy artillery on incoming troops excite you? Now you can do it more often! SPLIT-SCREEN MULTIPLAYER ON 1 DEVICE Tired of your friends coming over and not letting you play your favorite iPhone game? Now you can have them join you on the iPad with cooperative and competitive split-screen multiplayer on 1 device! HD GRAPHICS The brand new high definition art will have your eyes explode with delight! Well, not literally, but the vibrant detail looks great on an iPad! GAMECENTER MULTIPLAYER W/ FRIEND INVITES You can now battle friends, enemies and strangers in Trenches: Generals. Watch as your artillery makes gibs of your opponent. Delight as your army rolls over theirs with relative ease. Maniacally laugh while you choke the battlefield with your minion. Your victory is almost assured ... time for tea. Yep ... it’s good to be YOU! √ GameCenter global multiplayer with Friend Invites √ Local multiplayer √ Expanded and reinvented Campaign √ Tons of achievements through GameCenter and OpenFeint √ Split-screen Versus and Coop mulitplayer √ Zombie Horde ... who doesn't love Zombies? √ Original Voice Talent √ Original Musical Scores √ Improved Enemy AI √ World Class HD Art √ Captivating Gameplay √ Mini-game as good as some stand-alone games √ Tons and Tons of Cowbell Germans got you stuck? Got a beef? Found a bug? Tell us about it. Remember we can't respond to your reviews, but we do read every email we get and respond to 95% of them. If you’ve got an issue with any of our games, we want to solve it. [email protected] As always, it is your 5-star reviews that allow us to continue making great games! Remember, friends don't let friends give bad reviews to good games. Follow us on twitter @thundergamewrks and find our page on Facebook! New to Trenches? Be sure to check it out on the iPhone! It has online multiplayer, too!
Seller:Catapult Consulting, LLC
Genre:Action, Strategy
Release:Jun 23, 2011
Updated:Jul 29, 2011
Size:49.3 MB
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