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Over 20 million players could not be wrong - featured as one of the best games since 2014 and still eagerly played in 20…
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Over 20 million players could not be wrong - featured as one of the best games since 2014 and still eagerly played in 2022! Especially with a new update that adds dozens of new characters, new environments and an expandable village! And as always tons of fun & lot of trees to cut. Timberman is an oldschool arcade style casual game. Become a Timberman, chop wood and avoid the branches. Sounds like an easy task? It's easy to play but hard to master. Dozen of variable environments and 104 lumberjacks to unlock. Master your skills for the top records on the leaderboards. Take your axe as every lumberjack does and chop the tree as fast as you can! Cut down trees, trade wood for gold, buy plots of land and discover new islands. Generate passive income, buy new axes and randomize super fantastic packs of epic characters! Many characters, trees, tons of cutting fun & wood around! Timberman is an original old school arcade style casual free game. Become a Timberman! Chop, cut and slice wood while avoiding branches. Improve your skill to reach the top of the leaderboards in this easy to learn, hard to master game. - Dozens of characters to choose from - Countless high scores to beat - Global leaderboards - Cutting edge chopping action Cut your way to the top of the leaderboards and beat others’ high scores. Chop with speed, precision and focus to become a master lumberjack. Unlock tons of different lumberjack characters, including: ninja, ghost, fireman, devil, angel, santa, monster slayer and more. Play in various environments, including: forest, wild west, circus and even hell. As a lumberjack you will race against the clock to chop down as much as you can of an endless tree. Quick thinking will be necessary to avoid branches - your biggest enemy. Cut left or chop right? You only have milliseconds to answer this question. Get it right and you’ll beat the competition and become the best Timberman ever! Along the way on this free chopping action adventure you will unlock many different characters and trees. Each one requires you to complete a unique quest! Are you up for the challenge? If so, then we at Digital Melody invite you to pick up an axe, yell timber and start chopping to test your skills and become the best Timberman ever!
Seller:Digital Melody
Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:May 08, 2014
Updated:Nov 21, 2023
Size:233.1 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
User Rating:Unrated
Your Rating:unrated
Compatibility:HD Universal