The Outcast: Episode 1

The Outcast is a whole world you experience in your pocket. Join us on this epic text adventure where you'll explore a v…
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The Outcast is a whole world you experience in your pocket. Join us on this epic text adventure where you'll explore a vast and dangerous world through a unique story system that unfolds at your own pace.

This is a story unlike any other.

We don't want you to sit down and play The Outcast for hours. Seriously. We want you to take it with you throughout the day. It's like a secret world no one else knows about. You might be out and about walking around, eating lunch, or maybe on a date when something happens in The Outcast. When you go in, the story resumes. Maybe you've stumbled across an old rest stop, or a graveyard of cars, or a stranger asking for help. You'll make decisions, meet characters, and explore. Once it's over, you leave and wait for your next unexpected event.

We built our own engine to tell this unique story. We call it the Firewood engine. Why did we build one? Because it can tell stories no other engine can. Usually, if you make a decision, there's a single outcome. So if you play again, you already know what will happen. With the Firewood engine, we have the ability to make as many different outcomes from your choice as we want. So when you meet a character the first time they might become your friend, but if you play again, they may become your enemy.

This engine ensures that every story will be unique and unpredictable, just like real life.

We started The Outcast in June of 2014. Thanks to fans around the world who took a chance on us, The Outcast is what it is today. We're doing this because we want to share the creation of this amazing game with you, our fans.

Please be aware that we're making changes to the game with each episode, and as such, we hope that your feedback will help us to make the next update the best version of The Outcast to date.

After purchasing the game please join our forum and say hi @


The Outcast requires notifications to be turned on. This is how you will know the story has progressed. We only send one notification when this occurs. We promise this is essential to playing the game and we will not use these notifications to spam you with sad depressing messages through out the day about how your game or the characters inside your game are "lonely" because you are neglecting them.

The Outcast is a game by Simple Machine.
Co-written by Nick Fortugno/Playmatics, Clayton Gumbert, and Simple Machine.
Narrative design by Nick Fortugno/Playmatics.
Art by Ignas Zydelis.
Genre:Adventure, Role Playing
Release:Aug 07, 2014
Updated:Nov 30, -0001
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
User Rating: (4)
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Compatibility:HD Universal