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Thrilling battles, a fantastic story and exciting missions, all this and much more awaits you in Swords and Spells! Whet…
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Thrilling battles, a fantastic story and exciting missions, all this and much more awaits you in Swords and Spells! Whether alone or with your friends, defeat epic monsters and loot rare epic items. Adapt your equipment wisely, according to your opponents’ abilities and your attributes. Prevail and become the liberator of Abion!

Swords and Spells is a multiplayer role-playing game for your smartphone and tablet. You dive into the mystical and threatened world of Abion and its citizens. On your journey, you will encounter many intriguing and original characters to experience your adventures with. The lovingly created graphics, the variety of different items and monsters, as well as the sophisticated combat and attribute systems will certainly draw your attention.

A challenging and exciting combat and attribute system
The attribute system grants you all the freedom you desire to create your own play style. Your choice will directly affect your avatar’s battle tactics. Whether in battle versus other players or fights against monsters, it is up to you to find the right balance between offense and defense. The proper choice of your equipment will determine the victory or defeat!

An army of epic and mythical creatures
Threats and risks are lurking everywhere. Aside from angry golems, giant ogres and foul-tempered elves, there are also marauding centaurs and cunny goblins attempting to prevent you from fulfilling missions. Additionally, you will encounter hordes of mystical, magic gifted beings like dragons, witches and even vampires, which will challenge your skills in battle. Defeat all threats and confront the ultimate evil!

Countless randomly generated items and weapons of various quality levels
On your journey, you need to loot various items of different quality levels. You will hunt for epic and unique items to improve your character’s abilities in battle. Drop any excess loot into the marketplace and trade it with other players. In Swords and Spells you will be able to get over 40 different weapon types and over 150 different types of other equipment pieces.

An epic story, including missions that will keep you spellbound
Complete over 100 exciting missions while travelling throughout the various and fascinating landscapes of Abion. Your journey will guide you through deep forests, wide riversides and parched deserts. Furthermore, you will have a look at the legendary northern landscapes and its Viking inhabitants. During your adventure you will visit a lot of various villages and fortifications. This way, you will meet many charming characters and accomplish important quests. Some of them will assist you in fulfilling your duty.

A great guild system that invites you to play alongside your friends
Found or join an order to experience the immersive world of Swords and Spells together with your friends. Visit dungeons as a team and fill up the guild stash with items and gold. Create a unique banner under which you and your friends will charge into battle for fame and glory against rival guilds. It is up to you to lead your order to power and influence, in order to add more friends to your ranks and unlock more difficult challenges.

Abion is covered by darkness. A dark and mysterious adept of evil enters the realm, to conquer it and its people. The residents are in uproar, as the alliances of centaurs, orcs and goblins roam free throughout the lands and raid hikers and merchants. Dragons, giants and demons are attacking settlements and castles, hiding away in old and abandoned dungeons. Abion and its residents are looking for a bold hero. Will you be that hero?
Grab your equipment and head for the risky quest to free Abion! Your journey will take you to the deepest abysses and darkest corners of Abion. Get the honour and glory you deserve!

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The MMORPG Swords and Spells is completely free to play and requires an active internet connection.
Genre:Adventure, Role Playing
Release:Nov 11, 2013
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