Sword Sonata

Jampot Software co., ltd
This is a fast-paced roguelike dungeon-crawling turn-based game where you plan your battles by arranging skill actions a…
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This is a fast-paced roguelike dungeon-crawling turn-based game where you plan your battles by arranging skill actions and defeating enemies. Throughout your adventure, you'll acquire new actions, upgrade skills, and collect items. The gameplay is simple and easy to understand. It involves controlling a character on a horizontally scrolling one-dimensional axis, maneuvering to defeat enemies. Actions include movement, turning, and arranging actions such as sword attacks, which deal damage to enemies within one square ahead, or dashes that allow you to dash towards enemies. By arranging actions in this rhythmic order, for example, scheduling a dash followed by a sword attack when your character is at a distance from the enemy, executing this sequence will make your character dash to the enemy and then use a sword attack to defeat it. I genuinely hope you'll try out this game and experience what I've described. Currently, I've designed a total of 37 different types of actions with unique characteristics, as well as 4 different characters, each with their own unique skills and equipped with 2 specific actions. In the process of roguelike dungeon-crawling, you'll also acquire more actions and upgrades for these actions. Now, let's talk about the roguelike gameplay. The game features over 50 levels, and the goal is to clear through to the final boss and defeat them. Each time you complete a level, you'll randomly receive a reward, which could be an action or an upgrade to an action. As you continuously challenge yourself, you'll discover actions that better suit you or the character you're using, as well as upgrade options that are more suitable for each action, until your experience is enough to help you clear the game. This is what makes the game so replayable. In terms of content richness, the game also includes 10 types of items that can be used in combat, including health potions, and a "Frostbolt" that freezes all enemies. These items provide additional assistance in completing the game challenges. Additionally, the game features 27 passive skills, which will have an impact on you during each challenge. Well, that's a brief introduction to my game. I hope you'll give it a try and enjoy playing it.
Seller:Jampot Software co., ltd
Genre:Action, Strategy
Release:Mar 29, 2024
Updated:Apr 03, 2024
Size:34.6 MB
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