Sword of Convallaria

XD Entertainment Pte Ltd
Immerse yourself “on the go” in a world of strategic victories, breathtaking visuals, and epic soundtracks, all tied tog…
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Immerse yourself “on the go” in a world of strategic victories, breathtaking visuals, and epic soundtracks, all tied together by a captivating storyline! This tactical RPG revitalizes the beloved Japanese turn-based & pixel art genre! Collect epic heroes, customize your squad, and use your unique strategy to save the nation of Iria. Remember - every choice you make has consequences! PROFOUND STORY Journey through space and time to Iria, a mineral-rich country whose magical resources have drawn unwanted attention from dangerous external factions. As tensions rise and riots break out, it’s up to you as a mercenary leader to navigate complex situations whilst finding ways to save the fate of Iria. CHOICE-BASED NARRATIVE The fate of Iria rests on your choices! Your decisions shape how your town evolves and influence the unfolding story. Be sure to build relations and skills to your advantage, and watch as the storyline changes depending on your choices and achievements! MASTERFUL SCORE BY HITOSHI SAKIMOTO Global music producer Hitoshi Sakimoto - best known for scoring FF Tactics, FFXII, and Tactics Ogre - lends his musical genius to Sword of Convallaria with his finest musical pieces to date. His flawless scores perfectly complement the game's atmosphere and plot twists. STRATEGIC TURN-BASED COMBAT Sword of Convallaria brings to mobile the most authentic grid-based tactical battles! Deploy unique allies against diverse enemy types and use every battlefield detail to secure victory! ENHANCED 3D PIXEL ART “NeoPixel” retains the popular pixel-style graphics, whilst adding modern 3D renderings (real-time shading, full-screen bloom, dynamic depth of field, HDR, etc.), contributing to premium HD picture quality and lighting effects. STUNNING HERO COLLECTION & DEVELOPMENT Recruit and train a roster of unique companions at the tavern, teach them amazing skills, build their equipment at the forge, improve their stats in the training field, and lead your self-built mercenary group into legendary quests with different factions! JAPANESE VOICE-OVER STARS Enjoy performances from over 40 anime and game voice-acting legends like Inoue Kazuhiko, Yuki Aoi, and Eguchi Takuya who bring each character to life.
Seller:XD Entertainment Pte Ltd
Genre:Role Playing
Release:Nov 23, 2023
Updated:Nov 23, 2023
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