Summon Mate

Yutaka Aoki
You are a monster summoner contracted with a dragon. Travel the world to collect the stronger monsters and defeat the tr…
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You are a monster summoner contracted with a dragon. Travel the world to collect the stronger monsters and defeat the true enemies that threaten peace. Let's win the battle and increase the types of monsters that can be summoned. In a certain town you can also summon rare monsters by combining monsters with each other. You can make dungeons using your monster and items. You can also play dungeons made by other users and get items. Even after clearing of game the place where you can go will increase and PvP is released. Rival summoners appear in various places after the monster map has been completed. It is possible to play all without charge, no internet connection required. * Internet connection is necessary to use PvP battles and net save etc. Tips: Let's talk to people in the town and the castle at first. Let's collect fellow monsters and raise the level around the town before aiming for the first dungeon. * Monsters that are easy to appear depending on the terrain may be different. Let's equip to monsters, not players. Let's report to the castle after clearing the dungeon. A new way can be opened. * We recommend that you save to the net from time to time in case you have lost the local save data. Special thanks R-Do - Monster images Twelve constellation fragments - Effect images, battle background images Shigeru - Icon of items Escape - Icon of elements First Seed Material - Graphic materials Loose Leaf - graphic materials DotWorld - graphic materials Rittor Music, others - sounds Description of status name MHP: Maximum HP: Can't fight if it is 0. MMP: Maximum MP: Can't use the magic if it is 0. ATK: Attack power: It affects damage to enemies by physical attack. DEF: Defense power: It affects defense against enemy's physical attack. AGL: Agility: It affects the order of action and the number of actions may increase. MGC: Sorcery: It affects magic attack. SPR: Spirit: It affects magic defense. If the user has the same element as the magic element, it is strengthened by 10 to 40% depending on the element level. Conversely, If the user has the opposite element, it is weaker by 10 to 40%. Also, if the same element as the magic element is on the side receiving the magic attack, the damage is greatly reduced depending on the element level. * Opposite elements Fire/Water Earth/Wind Light/Dark Supplementary explanation of the battle command. Auto: Make that character automatically act only that turn. Attack: Make that character attack only that turn.
Seller:Yutaka Aoki
Genre:Role Playing
Release:Jul 11, 2016
Updated:Jan 19, 2022
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