Stella Voyager

Jungheon Kim
Stellar Voyager is a game that explores space and collects money through battles and trade. ●Exploring Explore a vast u…
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Stellar Voyager is a game that explores space and collects money through battles and trade. ●Exploring Explore a vast universe and discover new planets. There are many planets in the universe. There may be something we have not found yet. ●Battle There are outlaws all over the universe aiming at you. If you defeat them, you can earn rewards. ●Upgrade Ship You can upgrade your own ship on the planet Buying and equip the equipments for your purposes, such as combat, trade, and exploration, will make the game easier. ●Trading In the planet's market, trading is possible. Depending on the level of technology in each planet, the availability and price of the products will vary. By understanding the characteristics of each planet and judging which planet to buy and sell, you can create tremendous trading profits. Pioneer your own trade route. ●Develop Planet Constructing various facilities on the planet can earn regular returns. Depending on the type of facilities built, the level of technology in the field is rising and accordingly the prices of goods related to the field are fluctuating. You can increase profits by building a facility that is favorable to trade. Universe sheriffs to fight outlaws. Inter planet trade trade king. Investments that contribute to the development of the planet. The choice is yours. Good luck. Features - Open World consisting of more than 120 planets - Ship Upgrade with more than 100 devices - Real-time changing economic system - Free sandbox game progression - High-quality visuals including Detailed 3D models and breath-taking Special FX - Magnificent orchestral soundtrack - Game Center Achievement, Leaderboard Support - Support Game Controller How to use Game Controller Move : Left Stick Fire : Right Stick Open Map : Y or △ Autocruise : LB or L1 Overdrive : RB or R1 ATTENTION - If you delete the application. save data will be deleted also. - Application may not run on certain devices even if they have compatible OS versions installed.
Seller:Jungheon Kim
Genre:Arcade, Role Playing
Release:May 24, 2019
Updated:Jul 26, 2020
Size:137.9 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
User Rating:Unrated
Your Rating:unrated
Compatibility:HD Universal
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