Starborne: Frontiers

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Step into the command seat and become an epic space commander in Starborne: Frontiers! Collect over 100 ships to assem…
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Step into the command seat and become an epic space commander in Starborne: Frontiers! Collect over 100 ships to assemble the ultimate fleet. Your crew awaits your orders as you battle your way through the Starborne: Frontiers universe. Experiment with your fleet lineup, and choose the right ship for the job as you unlock new game modes with unique boss mechanics. Will you join the legendary explorers who breach the mysterious Abyss? Break past the barrier and unveil its secrets and treasures. Key features - Next-level graphics on mobile - A diverse collection of captains with unique abilities and rich backstories - Non-linear exploration in the Abyss - 6 unique game modes to discover - Master your strategy to conquer bosses with challenging mechanics. Game modes - Story-rich campaign: Start your journey in the campaign and uncover the secrets of the galaxy and your ultimate purpose as a fleet commander. - Bounties: Take on the galaxy’s most wanted by tackling bounties and collecting legendary gear for your ships. - PvP Arena: Is your fleet strong enough? Test their strength against commanders across the galaxy and ascend the ranks to earn epic rewards. - Alliance play: Join forces with fellow commanders and take on the impenetrable vault boss. Can you work together to get past its unyielding barrier? - Anomalies: As you progress, discover strange anomalies and defeat them to earn Skill boosts. - Journey into the Abyss: What secrets will you uncover? On the battlefield, put your tactical skills to the test by choosing from limitless fleet combinations and formations. As you conquer the galaxy, recruit more powerful spaceships and take them to the next level by upgrading and ranking them up. Level up their skills using Skill Neurons and learn new abilities and targeting patterns. On your journey collect powerful equipment for your ships, from weapons to generators, and mix and match pieces to theory craft the ultimate build. Explore the Abyss As you conquer the frontier, slowly uncover the secrets of the Abyss, a resource-rich void guarded by the ruthless Harvester bosses. Uncover its mysteries before diving in head first to save the galaxy. The Abyss is a non-linear tower-like game mode that you can explore on your own terms. Choose which path to take, and make command decisions that determine your rewards. As you travel to each node, unveil areas of the map once covered by a mysterious fog. Locate the gatekeeper and defeat them to unveil the wormhole and descend to the next depth. The further you venture into the void, the better the rewards. Complete depths and earn achievements for valuable loot and unearth implants that can be used to augment your captains. Engage in intense battles with special requirements and master your strategy to emerge victorious. Can you keep only one enemy alive? Play your cards right, and you could uncover the fragments of a legendary ship. Embark on an epic adventure, dominate the battlefield, and put your tactics to the test. What are you waiting for? Forge the ultimate fleet and become a legendary space commander today! Visit our website: For updates, strategy discussions, and more, join our growing community on Discord: Follow us on Facebook: Terms of Service: Privacy Policy:
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Release:Feb 09, 2023
Updated:Jun 13, 2024
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