Soul Warriors - RPG Adventure

Giang Tran
The Soul Warriors are on the quest to destroy the evil boss which conquered all 6 huge areas in their kingdom. In a plat…
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The Soul Warriors are on the quest to destroy the evil boss which conquered all 6 huge areas in their kingdom. In a platform, side-scrolling fight adventure, you need to show great fighting skills, use the right weapons and upgrade your warriors. The soul warriors need your strength and guidance to get back what’s theirs! THE STORY The boss used evil magic to conquer the throne and dominate all 6 huge areas. A team of brave soul warriors is on a mission to return the throne and all areas to all people and remove the evil boss from the throne. However, the evil boss has lots of supporters and he will send a team of deadly beasts and enemies to destroy the soul warriors. 6 DIFFERENT BATTLE AREAS In a 2d rpg alike side scrolling adventure you need to pass through 6 different areas all filled with different enemies, missions and challenges. If you are looking for side scrolling endless fighting game, this maybe a great choice. Pass through 6 different areas: - Forest - Freeze - Evil - Lava - Mountain - Endless CHOOSE BETWEEN TWO WARRIORS Choose between Shan, the boy soul warrior and Hina, the brave girl witch. No matter which character you choose, always try to upgrade their powers by adding more attack, defense, health, mana, magic powers and much more. Always try to get as many points as possible so you can also buy different set of skills like haunting, blaze and thunder that will give you the competitive advantage over your enemies. MISSIONS AND ITEMS The side scroller adventure is based around the different missions. Always read them through and accomplish them since they will bring you the most coins. The coins will give you the ability to buy vitality, armor, swords. Also follow the crafts section where there are crafts you collect in your adventure. You can sell them and earn money. The soul warriors have special powers and weapons too, they just need your guidance to beat the evil. Soul Warrior – Fight Adventure features: - 2d rpg side scroller adventure - Unique storyline and characters - Ability to upgrade skills and health to your warriors - Missions and upgrades - 6 different areas to play in - Impressive enemies - Great number of powerful weapons - Easy and smooth controls - Double tap to create power ball - Lovely HQ soundtrack & sound effects - Shop for pets, coins, gems and experience ---------------------------------- The Soul Warriors is a side scrolling jump adventure games that can easily be one of the best in 2017. Get this platform adventure side scroller for FREE
Seller:Giang Tran
Genre:Action, Role Playing
Release:Jun 06, 2017
Updated:Apr 12, 2019
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