The popular football RPG from SEGA, Pocket Club Manager, now available in English for the first time on mobile devices! …
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The popular football RPG from SEGA, Pocket Club Manager, now available in English for the first time on mobile devices! Based on the popular “Let’s Make a Professional Soccer Club” series, Pocket Club Manager has been designed from the ground up to be as close to the original series as possible, complete with the same cycle of club management, player training, finance management and football simulation. Join other players around the world and compete to create the greatest football club of all time! Start off small and make it big! Become the Manager of a local football club, recruit real-life football stars, compete against the strongest teams, and take your shot at becoming the best in the world! Gameplay is fast-paced and easy to pick up and play. Players will improve as your club gets bigger. Upgrade your clubhouse and stadium while conquering one league after another! ■■■ Game Features ■■■ [Brings the “Let’s Make a Professional Soccer Club” game engine to mobile for the first time ever!] - Original game engine revamped for an even better football experience! - A high quality, in-depth automated football simulation. Player combinations and team tactics are the key to victory. - Team strengths and weaknesses are easy to grasp and fun to master. Anyone can enjoy creating a team and training their players! [FIFPro & Japanese National Player Licenses Included!] - Over 2,000 European League and Japanese National football players available! - Original, series-exclusive players are also available! Create your own, unique Dream Team! [Challenge International Mode!] - International Mode includes player data from 2002 to the present! - Compete in huge international games every 4 years to become the world's top Manager! [The original gameplay returns!] - The original console game’s gameplay cycle of "Negotiation, Management, Coaching and Playing", now fully realised on mobile platforms! - Manage your club through the ranks to become the best of the best! Your club’s fate rests in your hands! [Smartphone Specific Features!] - Use the Footie Face system to create players using photos taken with your camera! - Footie Face players can be either male or female. As you progress through the game, you'll even be able to create a team full of all your friends! ------------------------------------------------- The use of images and names of the football players in this game is under license from FIFPro Commercial Enterprises BV. FIFPro is a registered trademark of FIFPro Commercial Enterprises BV. 公益財団法人サッカー協会公認 -------------------------------------------------
Genre:Simulation, Sports
Release:Sep 26, 2018
Updated:Jun 08, 2022
Size:320.6 MB
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