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The popular game for the Playdate handheld console, now on iOS! Experience what IGN called one of the ten best games for…
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The popular game for the Playdate handheld console, now on iOS! Experience what IGN called one of the ten best games for the Playdate, but now on your phone! And in color! No ads! No in-app purchases! It won't even harass you to rate it (Though it would be nice if you did)! Just a super fun, meditative puzzle game. Don't forget to pet the cat! "I can honestly see why this was such a big hit on Playdate" -- Touch Arcade, Game of the Week. -- Generations is a challenging puzzle game that has you organizing family portraits on the wall of a living room, a task requiring a surprising amount of strategy, planning, and thinking ahead. Each time you hang three (or more) portraits of any family members of the same age group next to each other, their portraits will combine into a new portrait of an older family member. The current portrait is on the table to the left of the couch, and the next portrait rests on the middle of the couch. Bonus portraits will appear on the table to the right of the couch. The game begins with storks. Three storks combine into an infant. Three infants turn into a child, and so on until you combine three portraits of the matriarchs and patriarchs of the family. When this happens, you've created a Generation, and all portraits you've hung on the wall will automatically age up and the spaces occupied by the seniors will open back up, ready for a new generation of descendants. Portraits can only be hung next to other portraits, and you'll need to think ahead to optimize their placement in order to chain matches and not strand any. Once you've run out of space on the wall, the game will end. == Features == - The same game play. music and sound effects you love (if you're lucky enough to own a Playdate!), but now in vibrant color. - Online leader boards and a slew of achievements to earn. - Fun haptic feedback when matching and dropping portraits. - Play as either the Smiths or the Joneses. - Numbered Portraits accessibility mode. - A sticker pack for iMessage! Who among us hasn't wanted to drop a minus heart on a text message? - A cat named Poe!
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Release:Apr 03, 2023
Updated:Apr 11, 2023
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