Safe Driving! Endless Driving!

WARNING: This is a fast and tense ENDLESS DRIVING GAME. We are not responsible for SHREDDING your nerves an infinite num…
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WARNING: This is a fast and tense ENDLESS DRIVING GAME. We are not responsible for SHREDDING your nerves an infinite number of times whilst racing.

Brakes are for wimps! Rev up your stunning SUPERCAR, slam down the accelerator and SWERVE your way through INSANE amounts of traffic at a speed so FAST your eyeballs could pop out of your head! But watch out – a slight SMASH in this endless driving game can cause you to CRASH and BURN.

Drive as far and fast as you DARE in this HIGH-OCTANE endless driving game, grabbing points and doing all you can to smash driving records and the speed limit!

Download now and let’s burn some rubber in this adrenaline-fuelled endless racing game.


Take control of your supercar and drive as fast as humanly possible, gaining points as you burn up the road.

Within seconds of downloading this endless driving game, you’ll be able to put your pedal to the metal and wave goodbye to the slow-coach traffic left to smell your exhaust fumes. It’s easy to start, becoming an infinite racing expert driver takes practice.

Just when you’ve taken as much G-force as you think you can handle, you’ll want to rev up and drive even further and faster!

Race along the streets at breakneck speed, dodging the traffic that’s blurring around you.


• Your supercar goes so fast it’ll take your breath away, yet your reactions need to be even faster. Tap the screen quickly to ensure you weave through the traffic safely.

• Drive fast and safely, avoiding the traffic around you. Vehicles whizzing around you should be avoided at all costs.

• It’s an endless driving game so you’ll need to concentrate on the road at all times. Steer the car in the wrong direction and your supercar could be a right off and it’s game over!

• Rely on your instincts. When you’re in a racing game as fast as this, split-seconds can mean the difference between a smash and your greatest ever score, you can’t truly rely on anything else.


Safe Driving has been created with care and dedication by AppBox to give you a fun endless racing game.
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AppBox Beta presents Safe Driving – an addictive endless driving game unlike anything else. It’s a free to play, exciting driving game. Challenge your reflexes and watch the world blur by driving as far and as fast as you possibly can to travel the furthest distance possible. This is insane endless driving game entertainment.

* Free to play infinite driving game
* Infinite driving game delivers easy-to-start and exciting gameplay
* This endless racing game gives you speed thrills and spills every second!
* Utterly unique racing game experience – drive fast and carefully.
* Collect points by driving as far as possible, as safely as you possibly can. There’s a skill to this driving game that you won’t find elsewhere – can you master it?

Safe Driving is a free to play infinite racing game. In-app purchases are available.

Do not play this endless racing game if you are of a nervous disposition. You have been warned. Speed is of the essence.
Genre:Arcade, Racing
Release:Nov 02, 2015
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