Runnercraft - Block World Pocket Runner

Les Bird
For help please visit our forums at or email us at [email protected] The prem…
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For help please visit our forums at or email us at [email protected] The premium block inspired endless runner has finally arrived! Come experience a blocky world like never before! Do you like Minecraft? Do you like Subway Surfers? You'll love Runnercraft! Navigate perilous obstacles while collecting materials to craft items and power-ups to help you along the way. How far can you run? COOL FEATURES: -Deadly cow stampedes! -Gorgeous, blocky environment! -Random Seeds to explore a billion worlds! -Fully functioning crafting system with tons of collectible materials and recipes to make your own tools and power-ups! -Five hats! -Five skins! -More than 50 secret recipes! -40 secret seeds! Can you guess them all? -Herobrine?
Seller:Les Bird
Genre:Adventure, Role Playing, Action, Arcade, Family
Release:Oct 07, 2013
Updated:Dec 04, 2013
Size:79.0 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal