Runes of Ardun

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Awaken the Ancient Spirits of Strategy in Runes of Ardun! Embark on a journey to the forgotten lands of Ardun, where an…
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Awaken the Ancient Spirits of Strategy in Runes of Ardun! Embark on a journey to the forgotten lands of Ardun, where ancient runes hold the power of animals long revered and feared. "Runes of Ardun" reimagines the ancient Japanese strategy game Mini Shogi, transforming it into a strategic duel of wits and cunning on your iPhone and iPad. Each piece, an ancient rune, represents a mighty animal spirit. Your mission is to outmaneuver your opponent and capture their Lion. There can only be one king! Features: - Unique Gameplay: Dive into a rich strategy experience where each rune possesses unique movement abilities. From the wise Owl to the formidable Lion, learn the strengths and weaknesses of each to dominate the game board. - Ancient Runes Theme: Immerse yourself in an "ancient ruins" ambiance, where every piece is a beautifully crafted rune representing animal spirits. This thematic twist adds a layer of intrigue and mystique to the classic strategy game. - Intuitive Controls: Select a rune and instantly see your possible moves highlighted on the board. Whether you're a seasoned strategist or new to board games, "Runes of Ardun" offers a seamless and engaging gameplay experience. - Dynamic Capture and Promotion: Experience the thrill of capturing your opponent's runes, turning them to your side, and strategically placing them back on the board to secure victory. Watch as your runes achieve their full potential through promotion, gaining new abilities to turn the tide of battle. - Customizable Play Settings: Tailor your gameplay experience with adjustable difficulty levels and game settings. Whether you're looking for a casual game or a challenging puzzle, "Runes of Ardun" adapts to your preference. - Stunning Visuals and Sound: With breathtaking graphics and immersive sound effects, "Runes of Ardun" brings the ancient world to life. Each rune, board, and battleground is meticulously designed to enhance your gaming experience. How to Play: - Begin with six ancient runes: Owl, Lion, Bunny, Hedgehog, Elephant, and Rhino. Each rune's movement ability is inscribed upon it, guiding your strategy. - Move runes across the board, capturing opponent pieces by occupying their squares. Remember, the Lion is invincible but must be protected at all costs. - Capture runes switch allegiance, allowing you to place them strategically on the board. Beware of restrictions like the Owl's inability to be dropped on the back row. - Promote your runes by reaching or exiting the opponent's back row, unlocking their strengthened forms and enhancing your strategic options. - Victory is yours when you capture your opponent's Lion. Adjust the game's difficulty and settings to keep the challenge fresh and engaging. Are You Ready to Unleash the Power of the Runes? "Runes of Ardun" is a journey to strategic mastery. With its unique theme, intuitive gameplay, and endless strategic possibilities, this game is a must-have for all who love board games, strategy, and the mystique of ancient legends. Be among the first to play this unique new strategy game, with more features and themes coming soon!
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Genre:Board, Strategy
Release:Feb 07, 2024
Updated:Mar 04, 2024
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