Rosie's Reality

Rosie’s Reality is a unique puzzle adventure. Guide Rosie, a shy yet spirited rescue robot, on an extraordinary mission …
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Rosie’s Reality is a unique puzzle adventure. Guide Rosie, a shy yet spirited rescue robot, on an extraordinary mission to recover a series of misbehaving and malfunctioning robots. Story Mode Solve ingenious puzzles block by block and rescue rebellious robots along your way. Story mode features 60 puzzling puzzles and 3 futuristic worlds. Runner Mode It’s simple. Build and run. This endless runner tests your speed and skill. Build blocks fast and watch out for those rebellious robots. Achieve high scores to unlock robot upgrades. And track your best scores on a leaderboard. Multiplayer Mode Solve mysterious multiplayer puzzles with family and friends. Multiplayer Mode features 30 cooperative puzzles and 3 magical worlds. Multiplayer is available on iPad, Apple TV and Mac. AR Mode Jump into a new world. Play onscreen or explore immersive Augmented Reality (AR) puzzles on iPhone and iPad. You can switch between onscreen and AR gameplay at any time. Achievements & Leaderboards Login into Game Center to enable game achievements and to track your best scores on a leaderboard. Compare your achievements and high scores with family and friends. Character Customization & Upgrades Customize Rosie with your favourite colours and unlock robot upgrades by achieving a high score. Story It is 2048. Robots are now part of humans’ daily lives. The global control centre has been hacked and a new update has exposed a critical flaw in the robot chips. Robots immediately start to misbehave, malfunction and even explode! In response to the crisis, humans have activated emergency protocol, Rosie. Rosie is a rescue robot. And a specialist finding and rescuing faulty robots. Rosie robots have been deployed across the globe. It’s now in your hands to guide Rosie to rescue the robots before it's too late! Experience Gameplay is captivating. It sparks imaginations of young and old. Building blocks is both delightful and satisfying. Overcoming obstacles and solving puzzles fosters feelings of accomplishment and teamwork. Most importantly, Rosie’s Reality amplifies your creativity and empowers you to create unique gaming experiences.
Genre:Family, Puzzle
Release:Nov 15, 2019
Updated:Jun 06, 2020
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Compatibility:HD Universal