roguelike spellslinger - slay the dark necromancer and his dead army of darkness

Loot, shop and battle your way through the world of Spellslinger, an RPG top down shooter with procedurally generated en…
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Loot, shop and battle your way through the world of Spellslinger, an RPG top down shooter with procedurally generated enemies and loots!

Become a powerful spellslinger as you save a village from an endless army of skeletons. You will find loots and golds along the way and will able to equip your character with powerful gears.

Explore witty personality of each villager. Communicate and find out what's happening in the village.

Enemies do retaliate! As you go out hunting enemies, enemies also building up strength to retaliate. Prepare your village's defenses. Build towers to defend your village from invaders.

▼▼ Key Features ▼▼

-● Procedurally generated items ●-
Every loots are different, you will find infinite possible combination of items to customize your character to become stronger.

-● Unique enemies each time ●-
Battle unique kind of enemies with different strength and weakness every time you play the game.

-● Inflict elemental damage and statuses ●-
Wide variety of spells with various strength and effects. Battle using different elements and inflict different status to your enemies. Set your enemies on fire, stun them, slow down movement, and more!

-● Equip as much spells as you want ●-
As a spellslinger, You are the master of spells. Equip as many spells as you want. your only concern is your mana pool.

-● Outsmart your enemies,prepare your gear ●-
Before entering battle, check the enemy's weakness first and then equip proper gears to properly counter them.

-● Customize your character with infinite combination of items ●-
Your mana pool, health, attack speed, move speed, etc all can be upgraded with items equipped.

-● Tower defense meets RPG ●-
Set up towers in your village to defend from the monster invasion.

-● Vengeful enemies ●-
Enemies are not stupid and just let you get away after you murdered their friends. They will come to your village and take their revenge. Prepare your defenses before they come.

-● Different playstyle each item ●-
Your gameplay is very dependant on your items found, and since the items are random, you will play the game differently.

-● Shop with in-game gold ●-
If loots are so rare to find, you can just buy it from the item vendor using golds that are found in game. (golds are obtainable without IAP)

-● In-App Purchase-progress FREE ●-
You will not get stuck! Game will not require in-app purchase items to progress. The game can be enjoyed without using IAP.

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Genre:Role Playing, Strategy
Release:May 09, 2016
Updated:Nov 30, -0001
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