Rage Warriors

Reliance Big Entertainment UK Private Ltd
**ARCADE SUSHI: "Rage Warriors gives us plenty of options to fight within this bleak, unforgiving universe, and hopefull…
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**ARCADE SUSHI: "Rage Warriors gives us plenty of options to fight within this bleak, unforgiving universe, and hopefully we don’t end up on the wrong side of the sword." **POCKETGAMER: "An unapologetically blunt one-on-one brawler with just enough strategic scope to keep things interesting" KILL OR BE KILLED. Apocalyptic catastrophes have practically destroyed modern civilization, and humanity hangs on the brink of extinction. The surviving humans have been scarred and mutated by decades of war, driven only by the burning fury of their painful existence they call daily life. The only things uniting these struggling societies are The Fights. Popular in the remnant communities, these bloody battles serve as society's brutal entertainment. The rules in The Fights are simple: do whatever it takes to make it out alive! The era of the Rage Warriors has begun: FIGHTING GAME ACTION In the style of classic arcade fighting games, Rage Warriors pits contenders against one another in a button-pounding battle of kicks, punches, blocks, parries and specials! STUNNING 3D GRAPHICS Gritty, stylized visuals depict the bloody struggle of each gory battle. BUILD YOUR COMBOS Choose your own fighting style with customizable combinations. Nail the timing for debilitating attacks using your unique move set. WIELD OVER 30 WEAPONS Choose between multiple weapon options in four different categories including swords and shields, dual-wielded swords, and massive two-handed weapons. Each weapon comes with its own unique strengths and weaknesses. WARRIOR CUSTOMIZATION Customize your fierce gladiator with intimidating faces, hairstyles and tattoos along with unique armor and weapon load-outs. With no end in sight and humanity on the brink... your only option is to fight! Be the first to know! Get inside Reliance Games info on great deals, plus the latest game updates, tips & more… VISIT US: reliancegames.com FOLLOW US: twitter.com/reliancegames LIKE US: facebook.com/reliancegames WATCH US: youtube.com/reliancegames Check out more exciting games from Reliance Games like Real Steel, Pacific Rim, After Earth and more!
Seller:Reliance Big Entertainment UK Private Ltd
Genre:Action, Adventure
Release:Sep 12, 2013
Updated:Sep 14, 2013
Size:884.6 MB
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