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PRESS QUOTES SlideToPlay.com 4/4 (Must Have) "Quiz Game Land is a top notch trivia game with a terrific sense of humor,…
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PRESS QUOTES SlideToPlay.com 4/4 (Must Have) "Quiz Game Land is a top notch trivia game with a terrific sense of humor, and the whole thing is presented in a charming retro style" CapsuleComputers.com 9/10 "Quiz Game Land as mentioned is by far the best TRIVIA GAME for VIDEO GAMES, release so far on any gaming platform. Nothing even comes close." Softonic.com 8/10 "Have fun showing off your videogame culture in Quiz Game Land" AppShouter.com "It has much more replay value than most games I have played in the App Store, and the retro feel makes this game one of the best I have seen." ZTGameDomain.com "Exhibiting extensive knowledge of gaming history and culture along the way, the questions range from long past to very current, from games themselves to their surrounding tech, making Quiz Game Land more than a trivia title." DO YOU LIKE VIDEO GAMES? How much do you know about them? Find it out in Quiz Game Land, an epic and delirious adventure across the fantastic world of video games, in which your knowledge will be the best weapon. FEATURES - Original story with different endings - Visual & musical questions: guess the console, character or tune - 3 levels of difficulty, suitable for casual and real expert gamers - 8 worlds with different paths to explore - 6 mini games to aid you in your adventure - 4 game modes - 2 selectable characters - 65 enemies to discover - Bestiary to collect all the defeated enemies - Online leaderboards - Original soundtrack - Hundreds of questions to test your knowledge! A DIFFERENT ADVENTURE Can you escape from Game Land? Become one of our heroes to live an adventure full of references and winks to your favorite games. Get ready to discover exotic worlds, explore mazelike paths, challenge innkeepers to their mini games and face extravagant enemies that are always poking fun at something. With a singular approach, several game modes, online leaderboards and original story and soundtrack, Quiz Game Land is much more than just a typical trivia game. VARIETY AND REPLAYABILITY Each game is a different experience: trace your own route to reach the Game Master, visiting 3 of the 8 worlds that form Game Land in the order you prefer. Explore each of the multiple paths and, at the end of each game, don't forget to check out your Bestiary for new biographies and information on the defeated enemies. Can you collect them all? What if you get tired of the adventure? Relax playing a quick game on the most popular TV show in Game Land, sharpen up your knowledge on the industry, or polish your skills with the mini games in any of the alternative game modes. GRAPHICS AND MUSIC Get ready to revive the experience of playing classic video games, with the retro-style graphics and soundtrack included in Quiz Game Land. All stages are created with a high amount detail, painted pixel by pixel and put together using tile maps. You'll be surprised with the variety and originality of enemies and characters, all of them designed with humor and animated by frames. The soundtrack includes 8 themes originally composed for Quiz Game Land, that will ensure you have an enjoyable and unique experience.
Genre:Board, Trivia
Release:Nov 21, 2009
Updated:Nov 09, 2011
Size:28.3 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal