Pro Wrestling Manager 2024

Take control of your very own pro wrestling promotion with the highly anticipated sequel to PWM 22 and 23- Pro Wrestling…
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Take control of your very own pro wrestling promotion with the highly anticipated sequel to PWM 22 and 23- Pro Wrestling Manager 2024! Get ready to experience the most intuitive and in-depth mobile pro wrestling management game. “Better than MyGM in the WWE 2K games” “A refreshing yet simplistic take on GM Mode” “If you’ve ever wanted to fantasy book wrestling this is LITERALLY the best game” “Exactly what wrestling needed” BOOK FANTASY DREAM MATCHES IN SECONDS With the revamped auto booker, you can now prioritize progressing active rivalries, ensuring that the storylines between wrestlers are constantly evolving and becoming more engaging for the audience. You can also take advantage of the added support for auto angle and tag team match booking, providing more options for match types and storylines to be explored. With Spots v2 you can now stretch your imagination even further when booking matches. Not only have tons of new spot types been added, but also the ability to book tag team spots and unlimited interferences. You can now even choose a match finish to end matches exactly the way you’d imagined. Ratings have also been revamped, allowing you to be rewarded for your style of booking, whether that’s a technical masterclass for the purists, star power for the casuals, or a storytelling masterpiece for everyone. COMMUNITY SCENARIOS Introducing Scenarios, the revamped replacement for Roster Packs which comes with tons of new capabilities. Create multiple customizable championships (including trios championships), sync your scenarios with iCloud, upload or download them from the community, and star, duplicate, or combine your favorite scenarios. DEVELOPMENTAL TERRITORY Sign youth talent and build the future of your promotion from the ground up! With all new developmental territory, you can recruit fresh talent and have them automatically trained in the background towards the style you want until they’re ready to be called up to the main roster. You can also move existing talent to a developmental territory allowing them to grow and improve if there’s no room for them on the card. Now you can focus on building your promotion's future while still putting on great shows in the present. NEW IN 2024 I've only scratched the surface with what’s new in 2024, so here’s the rest: • A brand new system for receiving in-game messages, including the all new random incidents such as popularity boosts from viral videos or unexpected injury recoveries • A brand new in-game wiki system for more detail information on game mechanics • A brand new planner system for booking and setting up future segments in advance • Championships can now gain or lose prestige • New rivalries can be given an initial boost of heat based on the history between the wrestlers • Old rivalries can be revived in order to capitalize on the storied history • Added over 30 new injury types • An all new redesigned user interface for quicker, simpler and a more aesthetically pleasing booking experience And so much more!
Genre:Simulation, Sports
Release:Sep 27, 2023
Updated:Nov 23, 2023
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