Piske & Usagi's Short Trip

KLab Inc.
The game is so easy! Just send Piske the Usagi on a trip and wait for them to come back. Even those who don't usually pl…
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The game is so easy! Just send Piske the Usagi on a trip and wait for them to come back. Even those who don't usually play games can enjoy this simple casual idle game without any worries. Where will they go and what souvenirs will they bring back!? There are over 200 locations they can visit, including special seasons and locations. There are also over 200 souvenirs including local delicacies. Make sure to get them all! You can redecorate their house with different furniture and the souvenirs they bring back! - How to Play 1. Sending Piske the Usagi on a trip You can equip them with items before sending them on a trip. You can send them without any items, but equipping them will influence where they go, and the amount of souvenirs they bring back. 2. Just relax and wait for them to come back They come back from a trip in four hours. You can also use an Express Ticket to complete a trip and make them, come back immediately. 3. Check out what they brought back They will bring back a photo of where they went, and sometimes souvenirs and local delicacies. Once you get used to the game, try decorating the house too! - Travel Goods There are two kinds of items related to travelling, Travel Items and Travel Charms. Travel Items are related to the climate of the destination. Places that are generally cold or warm. Travel Charms are related to the type of the destination, such as urban or places of worship. The more of them you take, the more likely they will bring back more souvenirs and such. - Miles Gained from going on trips. They can be exchanged for travel goods at the Funny Glasses Shop. - Adverts ""Adverts are available from the TV in the house or from the menu. Special rewards are available by watching the ads. This game relies mainly on revenue gained from the adverts, so please support us by watching them, thank you!"" - Tickets Express Ticket - Completes a trip instantly. Ad Skip Ticket - Skips an ad and gives the reward instantly. Remake Ticket - Makes a souvenir look better. - Souvenirs They can be used to decorate the house. The details of souvenirs already collected can be viewed in the Travel Log. Selling them will give Funny Glasses Points. - Local Delicacies They are sometimes brought back from a trip. Placing them in the house will attract Small animals. They will sometimes leave a Remake Ticket as a sign of their gratitude. Once placed in the house, they cannot be used again. - Funny Glasses Points They can be exchanged for furniture for the house. - Album Travel snap shots are saved here. Watching the ads will increase the slots. - Missions Make sure to complete these for various rewards! - Who is Funny Glasses? They are members of the mysterious Funny Glasses tribe. Most is not know about them... The one reporting the news and the one in the shop are different individuals. - A message from the development team We have created this game with great care so that you can enjoy the world of Piske and Usagi, and the world of Kanahei's Small animals. Please have fun with Piske and Usagi's small trip adventures. We look forward to your feedback and inquiries about the game! - Inquiries From in-game, our support email address can be found in the MENU > Help > Frequently Asked Questions and Inquiries. If the game cannot be accessed, please contact us below: [email protected] Please make sure to include the following information: Details of your device and its operating system Details of your inquiry Your Invitation Code (if possible) *Your Invitation Code can be found in the MENU > Invitation.
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Release:Aug 23, 2023
Updated:Nov 14, 2023
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