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We are glad to congratulate everyone on coming of the most festive period of rest and joy and we grant a discount for al…
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We are glad to congratulate everyone on coming of the most festive period of rest and joy and we grant a discount for all our products till the end of the year! Let the coming holidays, Christmas and New Year, be the happiest time in the Old year!


Famous pinball games from the Gameprom company are coming to Mac! More gorgeous, more vivid, more realistic!

Pinball Remote - it’s your iPhone/iPod Touch device with Pinball Remote app on board to take control The Pinball for MacOS X via wi-fi connection.


✔ Free Wild West table (!)
✔ Ability to buy new pinball tables
✔ Full control of the game: start, pause, restart, flipper controls, table tilting, camera controls
✔ Built-in Help for pinball tables
✔ Local and global high score tables
✔ Turning on the stereoscopic mode (stereo glasses required)


Pinball Remote utility is not only a wireless joystick to play The Pinball; it is a full value store. Without getting off the couch, you can buy new tables, which are immediately accessible on your Mac’s screen. Available are also all other functions of our games, which are now standard: local and global scores Help system, Gameprom company news and other.


The Pinball (can be downloaded free from our site, required MacOS X 10.5 and higher) - this game will change you conception of pinball on Mac. Each table is a masterpiece, every part of it is a separate mechanism and you will be stunned by the level of realism, when you will see how it all works together.


✔ 3 full-fledged pinball tables with unique graphics, instructions, missions’ system and characters: WILD WEST, THE DEEP, JUNGLE STYLE
✔ 3D-engine that maxes out your Mac’s capabilities
✔ Camera effects
✔ Realistic physics and sounds
✔ Unique soundtrack
✔ Stereo-mode (stereo glasses required)
✔ Local and global high score tables
✔ Pinball Remote technology support


If your Mac with Intel GMA graphics card you needs to turn off antialiasing in The Pinball settings (Cmd + ,) and restart application.
Genre:Arcade, Simulation
Release:Jul 16, 2010
Updated:Nov 30, -0001
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