OneBit Adventure

Jonathan Concepcion-Rodriguez
OneBit Adventure is a casual turn-based roguelike RPG where you adventure as far as possible to level up and battle agai…
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OneBit Adventure is a casual turn-based roguelike RPG where you adventure as far as possible to level up and battle against rogue monsters. Your primary goal in OneBit Adventure is to survive and loot. Choose from a variety of classes and build the ultimate class. -- Multiple Character Classes-- In OneBit Adventure, you can play as a warrior, blood knight, wizard, necromancer, pyromancer, archer and thief. Each character has its own unique play style, stats, abilities and weakness. You will need to level up in order to unlock its true potential opening the world of active and passive skills that make every class unique. -- How to Play -- Play with one hand by swiping to move in any 4 directions. Attack enemies by bumping into them and constantly moving that direction. You can also acquire coins to stock up on healing items and explore the world filled with delicious loot and dungeons. -- Leveling up -- Since OneBit Adventure is RPG at its core, you will earn experience every time you eliminate an enemy. You do have a limited amount of life displayed in the bottom left side of the screen, if your life reaches 0, its game over. Once you reach a new level, you will acquire skill points that can be used on unique skills. These differ for every character class where some increase magic powers while others increase critical chance. -- Manage your inventory -- As you play OneBit Adventure, you will acquire all kinds of items during your trips. Every item’s power is explained in the inventory. Some items will restore HP, others restore mana or give you temporary boosts. If you find yourself low on life or mana, you can stop at any given time and come here to replenish. Enemies move as you move in this pixel turn-based roguelike game. If you like RPGs and want to play a fun RPG on mobile, then you should consider OneBit Adventure right now. Stay away from the bottom of the screen and move onward to amazing adventures, all while trying to survive the creatures ahead. Features: • Immersive world • Numerous classes to choose from • Improve your character’s skills • Engage in amazing battles
Seller:Jonathan Concepcion-Rodriguez
Genre:Adventure, Strategy
Release:Nov 20, 2019
Updated:Feb 02, 2023
Size:128.1 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal