A connecting game like you have never seen before. A challenging take on the classic puzzle games, Nodez features innova…
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A connecting game like you have never seen before. A challenging take on the classic puzzle games, Nodez features innovative new gameplay, minimalistic graphics, and quick 60-second rounds.

The goal is simple – to connect two or more nodes of the same color with a straight line. The more nodes you can connect, the higher your score. Connect four or more of score multiplier!

The nodes are in constant motion, randomly moving around as you try and connect them together. If nodes of different colors smash into your line, the line will break and you won’t get any points added to your score. You can’t afford to waste time, as each round only lasts 60 seconds.

Quick, 60 second rounds increase the pressure and make this game perfect for short playing sessions. We challenge you to only play once - the simplicity of Nodez makes it highly addictive! We’ve taken your favourite connect the dots game and given it an exciting overhaul!

Put your reflexes and precision to the ultimate test and see how many points you can score in a minute. The more points you earn, the faster you can rank up. Each time you rank up you’ll receive a useful power-up to use. Use them wisely – they have a cooldown! 

Performance Enhancing Power Ups!

UNBREAKABLE gives you an indestructible line. Even if dots of different colors touch your line, it won’t break! You’ll be able to land epic, high scoring combos!

STOP freezes the dots. Now the nodes aren’t moving, you can easily make a line between the nodes of the same color!

MERGE turns all the nodes to the same color, making it possible for you to connect even more nodes together for insane score combos!

FLUID GAMEPLAY – Nodes are constantly moving, adding a new level of challenge to the gameplay. No two rounds are ever the same!
60 SECOND ROUNDS – Quick gameplay adds intensity and makes this game the ultimate time killer. No matter where you are, there’s always time for a round!

OFFLINE FUNCTIONALITY – Whether you’re in the office, on the plane or in the middle of the forest, you can still enjoy the connecting madness of Nodez

UNLOCK CRAZY POWERUPS – Three useful power ups; stop, merge and unbreakable will help you get that killer high score

SIMPLE TO PLAY – Stunning graphics and simple gameplay mechanics make this game easy to play, but difficult to master

COMPETE GLOBALLY – Become the Nodez world champion and take the #1 spot on the leader board

COLOR BLIND? NO PROBLEM – We have a special mode designed specifically for those who are colour blind

This app comes with an unofficial warning. With highly addictive gameplay, you may lose hours of your life playing this action packed game!
Genre:Puzzle, Strategy
Release:Jun 07, 2017
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