ninnin slash

Here comes! Real Ninja Slash!
Easy and have fun! You can be Ninja from today!
Just Slash! Slash! Slash Away! Wit…
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Here comes! Real Ninja Slash!
Easy and have fun! You can be Ninja from today!
Just Slash! Slash! Slash Away! With your fingers!
Experience this action game gives you refresh feel!
Grab it today! And be a Ninja!

[ Operational method ]
slide ( swipe the screen) → slash the enemy scarecrow (disguised by tanuki)
watch out carefully with vertical and horizontal

touch → touch the bomb to destroy them which tanuki is throwing

rush → If you slash many enemies, gauge will go up and you can use this
rush buttonto freely slash away bomb and enemies.

There is a Ninja village.
Ninja here use Tanuki(Japanese raccoon dog) as their servant.
They work as maid for daily life and sometimes take the form of the ninja
and disguised for their mission.
There is a rule that they can not change their master for the life. once
they started to serve one master.
All ninja knows this rule and treat them nicely as lovely animals.

Except one cute lady ninja,,,,,,,,,,

One day, tanuki’s are chatting
{ I can’t stand anymore! This lady ninja treat us as servant! }
{ yes! Let’s do strike! Against her rude attitude!}

Since she doesn’t know their intention, Ninja lady is calling them
{ where is my stupid tanuki? I am hungry! Serve me delicious foods right away! Are you listening? My servant buddy? }

there is no answer at all.. ,,,,, just quiet.

She noticed one letter in front of her. She opened a letter and it says

Attention Ninja lady
As of today, we ,tanuki is going on strike!
If you want to stop our strike

Please agree with our condition as follows
1) if you had a bad day, don’t take it out on us because you were angry
2) Don’t beat us, kick us, throw us weapon! If you can’t promise, we never ever work for you!

After read this letter, ninja was furious !
{ Oh my my! So you don’t want me to beating, kicking,,,,,,,,then I will “SLASH” you guy’s!,,,,,,,,,,,,,.

Story continue to version 2, It will take a new turn,,,,,,,,,
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