Night Terrors: Bloody Mary AR

Imprezario Entertainment
Ready for the ultimate Halloween horror game experience? The next horrifying chapter of Night Terrors has arrived, the …
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Ready for the ultimate Halloween horror game experience? The next horrifying chapter of Night Terrors has arrived, the critically acclaimed augmented reality experience which has charted in the top ten of iOS apps across 33 countries.  From the creator of Paranormal Activity, Night Terrors: Bloody Mary is a horror AR game that turns your home into a horror movie. Are you ready to fight for survival? 

But don’t trust us….trust those who can survive: 

“Night Terrors will make you afraid of your own home” – Bloody Disgusting 
“Night Terrors is crazy ambitious and insanely frightening” – iO9
 “The future of fear and nope” – Polygon Let Night Terrors invite Bloody Mary into your home this Halloween for some AR horror game fun.

 From film director, producer, and screenwriter Oren Peli (Paranormal Activity), comes the next generation of augmented reality survival horror game. Night Terrors: Bloody Mary AR Horror Game transforms your environment into a terrifying and creepy supernatural experience that will leave you scrambling to survive and scared out of your mind.

 The all-new “Night Terrors: Bloody Mary” AR Horror Game experience resurrects the urban legend of Bloody Mary and the lethal fate she inflicts. Bloody Mary’s sinister tale has been spread by word of mouth for hundreds of years as a warning. Are you brave enough to utter the name and survive her reign of terror? 
Just remember…Legends Never Die! Now it’s your turn to survive. 

Night Terrors: Bloody Mary is played at night with lights off and headphones on. Launch the app and say her name three times…Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary. Do you think you can survive this Halloween?
 Survival Tips: 

1. Keep moving. Ghosts, ghouls & demons are less likely to sense your presence if you move. The harder you are to find, the greater your chances to survive.
 2. Stay quiet! The increases your chance to survive. If you scream loud enough, your phone screen cracks. Bloody Mary will then seize your soul!
 3. Once you say Her name, you have 3 days to survive and win. After that, you’ll have to summon Bloody Mary and fight for survival all over again.
 The Night Terrors: Bloody Mary AR Horror Halloween game pioneers state-of-the-art technology, the phone’s camera, LED light, and other system features create personalized scares by using unique AR captured content paired with 360-degree audio in order to truly immerse players in an AR horror experience unlike anything else. Download Night Terrors: Bloody Mary AR horror survival game now for Halloween!

  - Night Terrors: Bloody Mary is only compatible with certain Apple devices.  
 - Users understand and assume all risks of injury or property damage while playing.  - Night Terrors is not responsible for injury or property damage. *****WARNING***** : Night Terrors: Bloody Mary contains strobe lights and sequences of flashing lights which may affect users who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy or other photo-sensitivities.
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Release:Oct 12, 2018
Updated:Oct 19, 2019
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