Neeko - your interactive monster friend

"Cute, goofy, and squishy" - PocketGamer "Graphics and choice of art style are so good that it reminds me of a fully re…
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"Cute, goofy, and squishy" - PocketGamer "Graphics and choice of art style are so good that it reminds me of a fully rendered Disney movie!" - AppGoodies Have you ever wanted to own a monster? This is your chance. Meet Neeko, the cutest and friendliest little monster. Tap and tickle him, make him laugh and help him on his mission to get rid of pesky bugs. If you succeed, you'll also get to know his friends - Meeko, Peeko, Jeeko, Teeko and Chreesmo. Neeko is a curious creature. Short-legged, large-eyed, with rubbery hair—and impossibly cute. He likes to dance, play and have fun all day long. But he faces a challenge that only you can help him with. Annoying and irritating bugs came to Neeko's town and he's not happy about it. He needs your curiosity and fast fingers to help him get rid of all the troublemakers. When you catch enough bugs, you can play a color-matching mini-game, earn coins and unlock four of his cute monster friends: Meeko, Peeko, Jeeko, Teeko and Chreesmo. Each of them has its own behavior, laughter, sounds and difficulty. Neeko was designed specially for kids—with much attention going to details, colors, sounds and monster personas. This is a perfect app for your toddler or a preschooler. However, the game is suitable for all skill levels and ages. Gradual learning curve will take you from a beginner to a master at your own pace. Built-in tutorials will help you get to know Neeko and teach you how to interact with him. No matter what your age, you'll find hours of fun with this amazing 3D game. Features: * Engaging interactive characters * Play with cute monsters, poke and turn them around, and make them laugh. * Choose from 6 monster friends, each with its own behavior, sounds and difficulty. * Amazing 3D graphics, optimized for high-resolution screens * A Game for young and old alike * Super fun and entertaining
Genre:Family, Simulation
Release:Oct 28, 2014
Updated:Jun 18, 2017
Size:136.8 MB
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