Naval Tactics

Chimera Software, LLC
"Be prepared to spend hours commanding your ships into glorious victory or crushing defeat." - "The AI …
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"Be prepared to spend hours commanding your ships into glorious victory or crushing defeat." - "The AI regularly cleans my clock until it gleams." - Hoist your sails and load the cannons as you embark for adventure on the high seas! Can you defeat your friends and best your enemies to become the Admiral of the Fleet? Naval Tactics: Captains of the Spanish Main is set in the Golden Age of Sail, where stout ships of wood were crewed by even stouter men. Nations at peace and at war engaged in naval actions on the high seas. Naval Tactics brings the proud tradition of great naval board games such as Wooden Ships and Iron Men to iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. TACTICAL WAR BOARD GAME From the hexagonal playing field to the potentially game changing Captain's Cards, Naval Tactics is a board game to its very roots. To succeed you will need to take your time, think three moves ahead, and mind the weather gauge! ONLINE ASYNCHRONOUS MULTIPLAYER Powered by the online system used by Starbase Orion, enjoy one of the best multiplayer experiences on the App Store with asynchronous, turn-based matches, real-time chat, unlimited number of concurrent games, automated match-making, and more! TRUE NAVAL COMBAT Naval Tactics prides itself on striving to capture the spirit of traditional naval combat in board game form. Configure your fleet using a variety of ships, from nimble Naval Cutters to massive Ships of the Line. Should you disable an opponent with bar shot or blast through their hull with double shot? Enterprising Captains will need to understand their vessels, their armaments, how they sail in relation to the wind, and the advantages of naval formations to best their fellows on the high seas. BALANCED COMPETITIVE PLAY Combining just the right amount of variety while maintaining a balanced engagement, Naval Tactics sets the bar for multiplayer naval combat on iOS. Choose your Captain's Cards, configure your fleet, outfit your ships, and embark on glorious battles knowing you will have to outwit your opponent to claim victory. HISTORICAL MISSIONS One cannot have a naval combat game without paying respect to the many true heroes who have shown their bravery on the seas. Live the Battle of Flamborough Head, the Constitution vs Guerriere, or the struggle at Trincomalee. More historical missions will be added in future updates! FEATURE SUMMARY • Age of Sail Naval Combat and Tactics • Hexagonal Map with Fog of War • Custom (Sandbox) Missions • Historical Missions • Simultaneous Turn-based Gameplay • Single Player vs AI • Top-notch Online Multiplayer • Pass-and-Play Multiplayer GUARANTEED PRICING While it is quite common for apps to become “free for a day”, Naval Tactics is not one of those apps. The standard price for Naval Tactics is .99 USD; it will never run a “free for a day” campaign.
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