Naughty Animals - Funny Games

Zigrid Shehu
Fly in the sky with the power of your farts and burps! Control naughty animals making funny sounds to avoid funny enemie…
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Fly in the sky with the power of your farts and burps! Control naughty animals making funny sounds to avoid funny enemies, like parachutist poops or mean birds, while exploring amazing worlds in a concert of burp sounds and fart funny sounds. This engaging obstacle course app is designed to entertain you through funny animal noises as you tap tap to stay in the sky and move forward in the survival adventure. As one of the best silly games, this flap games app offers you hilarious gaming action while ensuring good levels of activity for you. Try Naughty Animals – Burp & Fart Sounds, Funny Games now! ENGAGING FLAP GAMES CONTROL SYSTEM These amusing animals are full of gas in their bodies, so now they are farting and burping a lot making hilarious funny noises! Touch on the left of the screen to fart, on the right to make burp sounds or on both left and right to fart AND burp at the same time cancelling gravity! Master the intuitive two finger control system in this new insane arcade casual obstacle course survival adventure game and reach the highest score. If you are looking for funny games that also offer a challenge, Naughty Animals flap games is one of the best silly games for you! COLLECT NAUGHTY ANIMALS IN SILLY GAMES MODE Unlock funny characters with unique expression and funny sounds! Start the funny animal game with a naughty pig and proceed with other animals all different from each other. Make your obstacle course survival adventure worth the while by exploring new funny animal noises coming from the disgusted cat, the naughty dog and the adorable penguin! New naughty animals will be added constantlyto make more funny sounds in the future. TAP TAP TO START BURP AND FART SOUNDS PLAYER Collect a lot of hilarious burp sounds and fart sounds and equip them making your obstacle course game sessions even more crazy! Or just listen to the noises in survival adventure for free by using the game as a burp sounds and fart sounds player. Have fun making fart pranks to your friends with the large number of funny sounds available! COSTANTLY EVOLVING FUNNY ANIMAL SOUNDS GAME Naughty Animals funny sounds game keeps getting updated constantly with new characters, levels and game modes. New funny games and funny sounds will be released in the future. And of course also new burp sounds and fart sounds will be added in one of the best silly games and flap games available online! FEATURES OF NAUGHTY ANIMALS – BURP & FART SOUNDS, FUNNY GAMES - Play as one of the many funny animals available in naughty flap games - Burp, fart or burp AND fart to avoid enemies in obstacle course survival adventure! - Collect coins, gems and hearts through the silly games levels! - Explore lovely worlds with colourful cartoonish graphics of funny animals! - Collect new amusing animals and explore new funny sounds! - A lot of fart sounds available to equip or make fart pranks! - A lot of burp sounds too, to make the game funny and full of noises! - Tap tap to stay in the sky and get the best score in online leaderboards! - Unlock trophies completing the in-game survival adventure missions! Looking for funny games? Naughty Animals is perfect for you! You will enjoy it for all the noises, with which you can also make pranks to your friends! Laugh all together for its craziness and stupidity! And it is also the perfect funny game for kids to make them smile. Download Naughty Animals – Burp & Fart Sounds, Funny Games today!
Seller:Zigrid Shehu
Genre:Adventure, Arcade
Release:Feb 17, 2021
Updated:Jan 18, 2022
Size:286.4 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal