Mystic Escape: Prisoner Diary

Stanislav Demakov
Embark on an adventure in Mystic Escape: Diary of a Prisoner, full of challenging puzzles in a Japanese style setting. E…
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Embark on an adventure in Mystic Escape: Diary of a Prisoner, full of challenging puzzles in a Japanese style setting. Enjoy the new room escape experience on a mystic island by solving difficult puzzles surrounded by beautiful scenery.  Immerse yourself into this intriguing story. Find cryptic hidden objects and clues on the island that will lead you to great escape or, perhaps, to something even more special. THRILLING STORY Waking up in a boat in the middle of the ocean, you realize that you have lost your memories. In the distance you can only see an island and something that flickers on the top of it. So far this is the only clue that leads you forward, and the answer is somewhere far away. It feels like in a prison here and some kind of force prevents you from leaving this place. Sometimes you see the silhouette of a beautiful girl. It seems she is leading you somewhere, helping you remember everything. You suddenly realize that you must do something very important, on which the fate of the people living on the island depends. But things are not that simple, there are complex puzzles blocking the way and something sinister obviously wants to stop you. Untangle the knot of your lost memories and restore the mystic diary of events happened on the island. QUESTIONS What is the cause of this amnesia? Where were you when all that stranger things start to happen? Who is that girl? Find the answers! BEAUTIFUL 3D LOCATIONS Explore the 3D locations while enjoying an ambient relaxing soundtrack. You can turn and look around, interact with the environment and objects around you. PERPLEXING PUZZLES The levels are full of escape and logic puzzles. This captivating 3D world in Japanese style will bring you a lot of fun for many hours. EXPLORE THE MYSTERY Follow the notes left by a mystery person to find the answers. There is something deep inside your memories that will help you to solve the puzzle of this mystic island. The clue is in the past and this is the path to future. Collect all the hidden objects to make the right choice. Escape and stop being prisoner or become a savior? You decide! WIDESCREEN SUPPORT This game looks beautiful on the latest devices including the iPhone X, XS, XS Max and iPad Pro. PLAY FOR FREE You can play it for free with the option to purchase additional levels and continue the whole Mystic Escape: Diary of Prisoner story! Experience the unique gameplay of puzzle adventure and room escape games with Mystic Escape: Diary of Prisoner!
Seller:Stanislav Demakov
Genre:Adventure, Puzzle
Release:Nov 29, 2019
Updated:Dec 01, 2019
Size:223.7 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal