Murders on Budapest

Buff Studio Co.Ltd.
Doyle, lost in a blizzard, is offered shelter at a grand estate. But when he tries to leave, a murder occurs. Who is th…
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Doyle, lost in a blizzard, is offered shelter at a grand estate. But when he tries to leave, a murder occurs. Who is the killer? Could it be ... me?! * Enough with predictable mysteries! Try the comic murder mystery "Murders on Budapest: Comic murder adventure story game" and choose your own mystery. Whoever you think the killer is, you're in for a surprise. # An estate full of suspects! A group stranded in a blizzard come upon a grand estate. But every time a doll goes missing, another body is found. Who's the killer? Can it be... me?! # Main Features - Easy to read story and plenty of images that even beginners can enjoy - Pay homage to the great mystery writers from Agatha Christie to Higashino Keigo. - Humor that breaks through the cliches of mystery stories - A choice-based, choose your adventure type gameplay - Discover new routes and choices the more you play - From RPG to arcade games, the story takes you through multiple genres - A visual mystery novel in a messenger app format # If you love story-driven games, messenger-based games, choice-based games, and/or visual novels, this game is perfect for you! # More things to point out! - This game is a story-driven visual novel where you get to be a detective in a mystery novel. - This is a choice-based visual novel game so the story and ending will change based on your choices! - We still have so much more stories to tell. We will be bringing more visual novels, text-based, story-driven adventure games in the future - If you like this game, take a look at our other games, '7 Days' and 'Underworld Office'. You won't be disappointed! # We recommend this game to.... - Gamers with a passion for visual novel games, adventure games, messenger style games, and/or games where you actively build connections with other characters - Gamers who like mysteries or light novels - Gamers looking for indie games, or mystery games - Games who like light novels, mystery movies, or novel-based games. - Best game for people who find your same old usual copy-paste story-driven games boring - Gamers who are looking for OG indie games such as Undertale Mind-blowing, comic mystery! "Murders on Budapest"
Seller:Buff Studio Co.Ltd.
Genre:Adventure, Simulation
Release:Aug 30, 2021
Updated:Aug 31, 2021
Size:195.3 MB
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