Moscow Dash

Not compatible with iOS 9 and higher!!!! only for old Apple devices "You'll have a great time with Moscow Dash on your …
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Not compatible with iOS 9 and higher!!!! only for old Apple devices "You'll have a great time with Moscow Dash on your playthrough. It's got a lot of charm thanks to its excellent presentation" - TOUCHARCADE "It's a solid little game delivering quite a bang for your just-under-a-buck." - KOTAKU "Expect to quite enjoy what is here..." - 148APPS "It's easy to pick up and play. ... it is a fun little game." - Digital Noob Defeat the monstrous mutants and barbaric brutes of Moscow is underground as you complete a dangerous delivery in Moscow Dash! Narrated through vibrant comic-book styled illustrations, Moscow Dash is easy to control arcade scrolling make for an instantly addictive and absolutely exciting shooter. Veiled terrors have transformed the inhabitants of Moscow into horrific demons. Cast as the fearless Dude, you must survive the rampant lawlessness of the metropolisí streets, subways and the underground while transporting a mysterious package. But beware! Everyone, from Chavs and wily grannies in the dormitories to the bureaucrats and corrupt cops on Red Square, will try to stop you. Take any gun from the armory, upgrade your abilities in battle, and collect health to kill them all! Can you complete the task and safely deliver the package to its final destination? -- Features -- BRUTALITY, GUTS, AND GLORY FOR ALL - 70 episodes united in 9 levels of a single Campaign - 33 representatives of the predatory urban fauna from Vagrants to Oligarchs - experience Survival mode in 9 hardcore levels - lot main types of weapons and 20 modifications for them POWER THROUGH TO PUNISH YOUR ENEMIES - Shoot by yourself or summon the Lads, the Mentals, and the Grannies to help you - Cure yourself with beer and get yourself moving with an energy drink without harming your body AN EXTRA HELPING OF AWESOMENESS - Detailed statistics of the fights and a bunch of cool prizes for the social networks - An outstanding progressive metal soundtrack by Darkman007 only for iPad2, iPad3, iPad4, iPad-mini, iPhone 4-4S-5, ipod 5Gen!!! Facebook: Website: Twitter: YouTube:
Genre:Action, Adventure, Arcade
Release:Jun 18, 2013
Updated:Sep 19, 2013
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