Minimal Merge

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Minimal Merge is a trendy sliding puzzle game. It is a Brain training game where you need to match blocks that have the …
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Minimal Merge is a trendy sliding puzzle game. It is a Brain training game where you need to match blocks that have the same number of dots, shape and colour, until you reach Infinity. This is a very relaxing game (yet, challenging!). You can match 2 blocks only, but you can also match 3, 4 or even 5 blocks if you play the Expert Mode. The more blocks you match & merge, the higher the score you get. Simple Game? How to Play this Puzzle Game? This Merge Game presents you one shape and colour for each combination of dots, where red circles have 1 dot, orange crosses have 2 dots and yellow triangles have 3 dots, etc. All you need to do is to connect the shapes, increasing the count and reaching Infinity. Unlike Classical Puzzle Games such as 2048 or Dominoes Puzzle, here you have to build your game strategy properly so that you get the highest score amongst the competition: -You will have access to coins and you can use these coins to apply the Hammer and destroy some blocks or apply the Double Rainbow to get a piece that will combine with any dot. You will get more coins by playing the game frequently, but you may also buy some coins or watch a video to get some. As you match 3 or more pieces, you will be loading the Combo Breaker. When it is fully loaded, you can use it and it will upgrade 2 of your blocks, randomly. So, what are you waiting for? Start merging & matching & connecting them all! Game Features: A Very Simple but Engaging Merge Game: • Master the puzzle game structure and achieve the highest score; • Match blocks with the same number of dots, colour and shape; • Train your brain without even noticing. Relaxing Game: • Minimal Merge provides you a very relaxing gameplay, with a top design; • Enjoy the soft and sweet music; • No time limits, no life limits! Sliding Puzzle Game with Good Mechanics: • If you are familiar with 2048 or Dominoes Puzzle games, you will get used to Minimal Merge quickly. • Slide in 4 directions to merge the blocks • Use the Power-ups to reach the highest score you can
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Release:Jun 15, 2017
Updated:Nov 09, 2020
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