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Solve puzzles, gather clues and solve the mystery to catch the thief!  Explore the ancient Maya culture in this hands-on…
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Solve puzzles, gather clues and solve the mystery to catch the thief!  Explore the ancient Maya culture in this hands-on archaeological adventure.  Will you be the one who proves worthy of reaching the mythical city of Ich’aak? Features: •Become an archaeologist •8 real Maya sites •25+ challenging puzzles •Investigate clues to solve the mystery •200+ Maya topics to explore •Detailed factual information contributed by a world-renowned Maya expert •Immersive, interactive learning •Beautiful graphics and original music transport you to the Maya world •Engaging story and fun activities for hours of gameplay •Cross-curriculum content: social studies, math, science, reading •Puzzles designed for grades 5-9 build critical thinking skills •Free to download not recommended for use on iPad1 What our customers are saying about Mayan Mysteries: “Four stars…Even players who have no interest in ancient cultures can find this game empowering because it constantly reinforces the learning of new things.” –Common Sense Media “The production quality is top notch and the vast knowledge base will satisfy the most curious of juniors.” -- Geeks With Juniors “There are countless educational aspects involved in this game, and the best part of them all is that you are educated on your journey and it feels like you are solving a mystery.” –2 Wired 2 Tired “I love history and mysteries, so putting them together is just that much better...I also love educational games. I’m all for fun, but why not flex your brain a bit while you’re having fun?” –Best Kid Friendly Travel “[It has] great history lessons and information about the Mayan civilization and the graphics are really clean and bright. The instructions and challenges were easy to understand and follow. The game is a good mix of learning and fun.” – Jenn’s Review Blog About Dig-It! Games® Discover a new way to learn! At Dig-It! Games, we believe in the power of games to promote critical thinking, independent learning, and cultural understanding. Our games incorporate age-appropriate content in math, science, social studies and language arts into fun, interactive and engaging learning experiences. Through our seamless blend of fun and learning, we seek to foster the joy of intellectual discovery and inspire kids to think differently about learning.
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