Did you ever find yourself hesitating with simple calculations, when there is no calculator?
Did you ever say to yo…
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Did you ever find yourself hesitating with simple calculations, when there is no calculator?
Did you ever say to yourself, "wow, I can't even do simple calculations without a calculator.."
Don't rely on machines! Make your brain even more vigorous in entertaining ways!!

Are you learning math nowadays?
No matter what the process is, stop repeating it unamusingly!
Enjoy the game with friends and develop your mathematical thinking ability quickly and accurately.

Are you ready? Shall we go on a fun hunting trip to the world of numbers?
The rules of the game are simple.
Look at the question, and think of an answer. Then, get it correct!

Hunting Ground
Stage 1: 7 levels of addition
Stage 2: 7 levels of subtraction
Stage 3: 4 levels of multiplication
Stage 4: 4 levels of division

If you obtain a rank above C in all of 4 stages, then the ultimate crown stage will open up. Crown stage is perfect for competing with friends from all over the world!! However, don't forget about challenges in all stages, which are necessary for obtaining S rank.

Ranks are divided into F,C,B,A and S. No matter what your rank is, do not get disappointed. We all have an arsenal called "challenge".

Helpful items
Don't think of it as being too difficult. There are item friends that will always help you.
Magnifying glass: makes the answer bigger for a period of time, but don't use it too much! It's a no-no!
Snail: slows down the movement of numbers for a period of time.
Snowflake: freezes the numbers on the screen for a period of time, making it impossible for the numbers to run away.
Bomb: gets all of the answers on the screen correct
Heart: Increases life by 1

Jellyfish: weird beings that swim in the sky, after getting hit by the alien's pink beams. If you touch them, you will get an electric shock and can't catch numbers for a period of time.
UFO: They suddenly appear out of nowhere, gets the wrong answer and run away. However, additional points can be obtained if we catch them or Toma catches them by throwing stars.

Helpful friends
Toma: Rabbits are perfect for this type of a planet. They are cute and carry stars on their back while going on adventures to gain experience, and that's even better. Once their level goes up after gaining experience, they get better at catching jellyfishes and UFOs. Therefore, make them gain experience continuously, so that they can reach the top level.

If you do not get any of the answers correct or get the wrong answer, then life gets deducted by 1.
When pausing, if you did not get all of the answers correct, then you must solve a new question.
It is better to increase the combo in order to obtain high scores.
Do not miss the items that are hidden in between numbers.
You can additionally purchase the item pack and stage unlock pack at the store.
To prevent users from using them to increase the score, heart item cannot be used if life is more than 10.

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