Lostkeeper : Expediton

Dreamplay Games Inc.
■■■■■■ Game Characteristics ■■■■■■ - Dungeon exploration 'A random dungeon system that changes dungeons every time you …
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■■■■■■ Game Characteristics ■■■■■■ - Dungeon exploration 'A random dungeon system that changes dungeons every time you enter!!' Fight monsters, pass booby traps, and find treasures. To prepare for battle with the monsters, use the treasures you find to upgrade your hero. Once your hero is strong enough, try taking on the 『Ruins』 for each attribute, and the 100-story 『Labyrinth』. - Summon card 'Enough of the same skills and the same card battles! ! Try summon cards used by heroes' Collect Summon Cards, featuring elegant illustrations. Each card has unique active and passive skills. Make your hero even stronger with these powerful cards, which increase in power as their numbers grow. - Real-time battle 'Instead of getting frustrated with your character, plan and engage in dynamic battle! Enjoy strategic, real-time battle. Battles progress based on the formation and attack attributes of your hero. Use a Summon Card at just the right time to trigger a combo that will give you the upper hand in battle. Discover hidden series combos that will further upgrade the effect of your skills. ■ Note - Enabling iCloud Save will allow the program to overwrite the data in the device, and may delete the existing data (play and/or purchase information). We recommend that this function is used only to transfer saved data when you change your device. - Data (play and/or purchase information) deleted by the iCloud Save function is irrevocable. - iCloud Save function can be used only when you are logged in with Apple ID. - Tap on the "SAVE" button frequently to synchronize the data saved in the iCloud to prevent data loss. - Use the "LOAD" function only when you have changed to a new device or when all the data is lost. - We will not be responsible for any rolled-back data (play and/or purchase information) caused by the "LOAD" function.
Seller:Dreamplay Games Inc.
Genre:Role Playing
Release:Jul 26, 2017
Updated:Jul 27, 2017
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