Lily's battle!

room6 LLC.
"Lily's battle!" is an addictive action RPG where you advance by "popping" through endless waves of monsters! Blow off …
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"Lily's battle!" is an addictive action RPG where you advance by "popping" through endless waves of monsters! Blow off steam & reduce stress by defeating your foes! Clear the screen with a special attack, or have fun thrashing monsters one by one! Take control of the tomboy Miss Lily and discover ancient treasure! A vast array of monsters stands in Lily and Mary's way! Master their unique attacks, trade blows, and beat the gigantic boss at the end...! Will our intrepid duo be able to claim the treasure of the ages...? *** operation also simple! - By operating the Lily-chan, the enemy only to hit the body! - With the Amulet magic, defeat the enemy at once! *** also by touching anywhere on the screen, there is the controller! - Because - to follow in their own movement of the finger, it is the operation preeminent! *** refreshing! - Bubble wrap to defeat monsters stress! ! - Also good to defeat at once in-deadly tricks! Good even going to one animal at a time fun! - Bubble wrap round feels good! ! Perfect for killing time! ! *** attention to dot characters and sound! - Dot picture character is around came in freely! - Crowded element is also plenty. - Completely original chiptune sound! --------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a story about somewhere far, far away. There was a kingdom called "Rainzack". It was a very peaceful country ruled by a kindhearted king. There was a place called “The Forest of Longleaf” nearby. It was the biggest forest in the world. There used to be an empire there. There was a small village called Trent near the entrance of the forst. It was a village for explorers entering the forest and explorers who came out of the forest to rest. There were 2 girls at the entrance of Trent. One was a very energetic girl. The other was a very quiet girl. The story begins with these two entering the village... ---------------------------------------------------------------------
Seller:room6 LLC.
Genre:Action, Role Playing
Release:Oct 28, 2016
Updated:Nov 01, 2016
Size:205.8 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal