Legacy - The Lost Pyramid

David Adrian
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You're an archaeologist wh…
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--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You're an archaeologist who sets out on an adventure to find a dear friend who's gone missing in an ancient pyramid. In the pyramid you encounter riddles and puzzles that need to be solved to take you to the next room, and hopefully your friend. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Test your intelligence in this challenging 3d puzzle game. Keep your eyes open, the solution is there. Do you have what it takes to solve the mystery? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No Signal Productions is very proud to present this mystery-filled puzzle game that will force you to think twice before advancing to the next room. A classical point-and-click adventure game updated with 3D-graphics and physics-based puzzles that create a new depth to the puzzle-genre not seen before. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BEAUTIFUL VISUALS IN 3D Legacy - The Lost Pyramid is in 3D, making it stand out from traditional puzzle adventure games. Forget about the flat and artificial visuals, in this mystery game you get a completely new experience. CHALLENGING PUZZLES THAT MAKES SENSE When encountering a new puzzle you are challenged to think before clicking. Do you have the correct item to solve it? The solution to the gorgeous puzzles always feels logical. PICK UP ITEMS AND INSPECT CLUES The pyramid is filled with items and clues that are there to help you on your quest. Interact with amazing touch controls to inspect your newly found keys and tools. AMAZING GRAPHICS Gorgeous and natural looking locations designed with simplicity in mind creates a compelling and mysterious atmosphere. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Are you stuck? Take a look at this walkthrough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwTids0WMYU&feature=youtu.be ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *You will need a device newer than iPhone 5C/iPhone5/iPad(2012) to run this game.
Seller:David Adrian
Genre:Adventure, Puzzle
Release:Dec 09, 2016
Updated:Dec 20, 2016
Size:290.5 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal