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An immersive FPS experience in a Sci-fi world on a far away solar system.
Kepler is a raw indie game , in the late 9…
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An immersive FPS experience in a Sci-fi world on a far away solar system.
Kepler is a raw indie game , in the late 90's videogames style , but with a gameplay and features the had made it unique in it's genre.

Since this is the Free to Play version of the game we suggest to play it for free.
All the game and the 3D engine was created by just one developer in 2 years of night programming , making it "Real Indie", and good news, we will put the 3D Engine Free.

If you like it, please support us by purchasing the full game. Thanks.

The originality of the game play is in its plot, based on an FPS adventure on an Earth-like planet
discovered a few years ago by NASA in the Kepler solar system.

The exploration and missions are the main theme of the game , that's full of action, breathtaking passages ,
and a surprising physical simulation in terms of real time light and shadows ,
racing simulation with an off-road vehicle to quickly explore a vast territory.
There is certainly an interactive map and videos hints to achieve goals and overcome the most difficult parts. Kepler 22 is unique, for the first time an bionic arm with harpoon is used as a weapon of defense , to climb buildings , and you can not miss many great combat weapons.

The setting of the game and game play, both night and day, makes Kepler 22 a unique FPS action game in terms of graphics and action ; a must-have game. There will be surprises.

Version 3.52 — — — — — — — — — —
- Several changes to make more clear to the user what to do to carry forward int the missions,
such as a distance and direction indicator directly on the screen, that indicates nearby ammos when you run low.

-New commands Tutorial
-Simplified passages
-Skip Buttons in Stealth Puzzles
-If you desire, you can now drive the veichle with arrows instead of the accelerometer.
Communications with planet Kepler22 broke down suddenly and the earth command has sent General M. P. Morrison to understand what happened.
A conspiracy took place by the Keplerians and the Human base remains the last bastion of resistance ...

Exciting primary and secondary missions to complete.

Different types of weapons and a mechanical arm equipped with a hook to kill or climb.

A fantastic off-road vehicle worthy of the best simulation, will be your way to explore distant territories.

Maps and video tutorials to achieve your objectives.

Real-time shadows, amazing physics, dynamic lighting.

FPS action , gun battles, traps and immersive missions.

Keper 22 Galaxy Wars - Rebel Alliance Mission
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Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:Oct 12, 2016
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