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Joggle is a UNIQUE word puzzle game: You get a clue and a six-letter word. Solve the clue by replacing two letters in th…
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Joggle is a UNIQUE word puzzle game: You get a clue and a six-letter word. Solve the clue by replacing two letters in the given word. Example: Clue: Baffling problem Word: DAZZLE Replacing D, A with P, U in DAZZLE gets you the answer: PUZZLE. Want Quick-and-Easy clues or Cryptic? Your choice. Quick clues are great for newbies to learn the art of crosswords. Cryptic puzzles will challenge and delight even seasoned solvers. Choose the level of difficulty via Settings: - FUN: Easy clues + hint (You can see which two letters to change.) - WIZ: Easy clues but no hint (You can get a hint if you really must.) - PRO: Cryptic clues (Mind-benders that offer true Eureka moments) - ZEN: Fiendishly hard level, by invitation (For PRO+ level solvers) Every word pair and devious clue in Joggle is hand-crafted and curated. You'll have hours of fun, and supercharge your thinking skills and brain power at the same time. Your Joggle wallet comes preloaded with coins. Solving puzzles earns you coins: Quicker earns more. Failing to solve puzzles loses you coins. Your challenge is earn more than you burn. You can also buy coins, but earning by solving puzzles is easy and WAY more satisfying! In order to keep Joggle free, we do air some ads between games. You can opt to play ad-free with a monthly subscription (Can be canceled any time; auto-renews unless canceled at least 24 hours before renewal). In FUN, WIZ and PRO mode, you get 60 seconds for each puzzle. If you don't want to play against the clock, turn the timer off via Settings. If you want to learn how to solve crosswords, Joggle is the ideal stepping stone for you to tackle the NY Times, The Times London, Times of India, and Sydney Morning Herald-style of puzzles with aplomb. Joggle is also a great learning and teaching aid. English learners can tap the Dictionary button after solving each puzzle, and check the pronunciation and different meanings of the word. And English teachers can use Joggle as a fun way to engage students in vocabulary-building (Want the ability to set quizzes? Let us know.) *** Coming soon: Joggle with Friends. Start practicing now, so you can get a head start on your friends and puzzle-heads around the world. If you enjoy the game (We know you will), don't forget to tell your friends and rate Joggle on the App Store! Terms of Use:
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