Jelly Crush 2017

Ya Gao
"Candy" love eliminate a dream lovely picture, very suitable for leisure, in time to see whether or not you to diversifo…
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"Candy" love eliminate a dream lovely picture, very suitable for leisure, in time to see whether or not you to diversiform candy picture pharynx slobber it, the delicious candy heart, hurry to try this game. Test your eyesight and reaction speed to the elimination of the same pattern through the game player dexterous hands, a variety of creative patterns waiting for you yo, the game with lots of Meng Meng Da background sound, let the game player while enjoying the feel when in the United States and the United States at the pictures can feel the auditory feast. The game is more diverse and to explore the fantasy game player, candy to you. [game features] Anytime, anywhere Do not flow can play, before going to bed, after dinner, on the road, candy love to eliminate, eliminate all unhappy! - Adorable burst From the ice covered Arctic continent, to the floating Viking ship ocean, then covered with tulip flower field farm, and Q adorable cartoon image true to life is the embodiment of wisdom and excellence, the game designer. Simple micro fingertip The touch screen, micro slip candy, you can feel the impact force and strong attraction, the original candy is not only sweet, and so very pretty and charming. Fantastic level design The sugar of the small monster make people gnash their teeth in hatred, mysterious magic vortex and let people infinite yearning, the new year to find "elephant" is let people look forward to... The language is difficult, only the experience of the wonderful fun. [player] Every pass is a new beginning, so that the good, continued success, is worth a good game. - a lot of fun. I fell in love with a lot of fun and fun games It's really fun. I can't stop playing this game! A little crazy oh!!! Colleagues and friends are also obsessed with it!
Seller:Ya Gao
Genre:Family, Trivia
Release:Mar 24, 2017
Updated:Nov 28, 2017
Size:128.8 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal