Now you can enjoy the essence of GADGET -Past as Future- for free! This lite version will take you to the remarkable sta…
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Now you can enjoy the essence of GADGET -Past as Future- for free! This lite version will take you to the remarkable stage of Gadget World.

[About “Gadget -past as future-“]
Award-winning classic of interactive movie “GADGET -Past as Future-” is now back for iPhone/iPad as "iGADGET".
GADGET is an interactive movie created by Haruhiko Shono, originally released in 1993 as multimedia CD-ROM for PC/Mac, which has received fabulous reputation. Its' mysterious story and steam punkish world, some compared as David Lynch or Franz Kafka, attained huge success worldwide.
Since then, GADGET has spread out for a great number of media. An extraordinary world GADGET has created gathered big attention. GADGET –Past As Future-(Complete edition) is a renewed edition with rewritten scenarios and graphics, which has been released in Japan, U.S., France and Korea and has been sensationally accepted.

◆System Requirements
iPhone4, iPod touch 4th generation (with Ratina Display) or later, iPad with iOS4.0 or later.
English, Japanese
High Definition Graphics; All graphics are optimized for iPad.
Re-Rendered Movies ; Some significant scenes, including Opening and Ending movies are re-rendered by Haruhiko Shono. Some of them are re-constructed.

マルチメディア創世記の90年代、数々の賞を受賞した名作『GADGET-Past as Future-』が、『iGADGET』としてiOS向けに登場!iGADGET Liteは、Gadgetの世界観を無料でお試しいただけるバージョンです。
映像クリエイター庄野晴彦が全編をCGで創り上げたインタラクティブ・ムービー。カフカ的ともデビッド・リンチ的とも評された不条理で非現実的で謎めいた ストーリーと、スチームパンクな世界観が高度な次元で融合。 1993年、パソコン向けCD-ROM作品として発売され、日米で大ヒットを記録。数々の賞を受賞し、さまざまなメディアを凌駕しワールドワイドに展開してきた『GADGET』は、1997年、シナリオやグラフィックなどを大幅にリ ニューアルし、『GADGET-Past as Future-(ガジェット完全版)』としてリリース。米国やフランス、韓国などでも発売され、さらに大きな反響を呼んだ。

iPhone4、iPod touch第4世代(Retina Display搭載機)以降、iPad 互換 iOS 4.0 以降が必要
Genre:Adventure, Puzzle
Release:Sep 22, 2011
Updated:Nov 30, -0001
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