IDOLY PRIDE : Idol Manager

"Can you hear it? Song of the girl's that tug at our heartstrings". The story of the pretty idols who worked tirelessly…
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"Can you hear it? Song of the girl's that tug at our heartstrings". The story of the pretty idols who worked tirelessly to become a top idol, culminating in the Grand Prix. IDOLY PRIDE is finally on the world stage! ■ New original story! - The beginning of a new story after the original animation. - Become the manager of Hoshimi Productions and take center stage in the girls' coming-of-age drama. ■ Enjoy the best live performance in high-quality 3D! - A live stage featuring upbeat music and adorable dances from pretty idols. - Utilize the vocal, dance, and visual characteristics of your idols and strategically organize them for the live stage. ■ Cast and produce your idols according to your manager's preferences! - Cast the idols that appear in the original story according to your own preference. - Organize girls in groups and develop them into the ultimate idols. ■ Various outfits and the Photo shooting function! - Take a nice picture of the idols wearing the outfit you chose. - In addition to wearing outfits that match the concept, you can take photos of the girls' live performances and daily lives. ■ Exciting 1:1 conversations with your favorite idols! - Get to know your favorite idols in a 1:1 personalized interaction. - Become a manager and consult and resolve confusions, worries, and conflicts that girls experience through calls and texts. ■ Managing idols' daily routines and fans is an essential part of being a manager! - Gathering as many fans as possible is important if you want a successful live performance! - Manage your idol's schedule with fan events, promotions, and breaks so that they can be loved by their fans. If you want to feel the youth, excitement, and growth of girls on their path for top idols, Be the manager of IDOLY PRIDE now! "Now, to the peak of idols!" ■ Community - Discord - YouTube - FACEBOOK - Twitter ■ Help Center - Game Title Screen > Menu > Help Center - E-mail address: [email protected]
Genre:Arcade, Simulation
Release:May 31, 2023
Updated:Aug 02, 2023
Size:400.5 MB
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