Idle Aquaria: Ocean Evolution

Amberbite GmbH
You are a Blob. You have to eat, so you can become something… bigger! A microbe? A fish? A mighty fantastical beast? Con…
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You are a Blob. You have to eat, so you can become something… bigger! A microbe? A fish? A mighty fantastical beast? Continue eating to find out what you will become! Explore over 50 different creatures and relax as you watch them thrive in their natural habitat. WITH IDLE AQUARIA YOU CAN: - Embark on a Meditative Journey: Dive deep into a calming, zen-inspired aquatic world where every tap brings you closer to being the apex sea creature. - Evolve and Expand: Consume smaller beings to evolve, uncovering over 50 unique species and watching them thrive in their serene underwater realm. - Discover the Creature Library: Track and revel in your achievements as every unlocked species enriches your diverse marine compendium. WHY IDLE AQUARIA? - Tranquil Escapism: Drift into a world designed for relaxation, making it an ideal break from daily stressors. - Engaging Progression: Delight in seasonal events, special occasions, and exclusive creatures to keep your underwater journey ever fresh and engaging. - Free and Fair: Dive in for free, and choose your journey: progress organically or expedite your experience; the ocean's horizon is yours to explore. - Visual Delight: Lose yourself in our calming visuals, where the dance of fish continues, undisturbed by gentle menus. - Inclusive Gameplay: Embrace our “No-Wrong-Click” philosophy, ensuring a seamless, enjoyable experience regardless of play style. - Optimized for Tablets: Harness the tranquility of Idle Aquaria on a grander scale. With minimalist menus on expansive screens, the peaceful aquatic visuals truly shine, creating a deeper, more captivating experience. ABOUT IDLE AQUARIA: Idle Aquaria transports players to a mesmerizing underwater universe. As an incremental game with a twist, it's not just about progression but about immersing yourself in a peaceful, cosmic sanctuary. Engage with the game's core mechanics, from farming energy for creature upgrades to tracking your evolution in the extensive creature library. Every player, whether an achiever, killer, or socializer, will find their own rhythm and drive. Beyond its soothing aesthetics, Idle Aquaria prioritizes accessibility, ensuring newcomers and veterans alike navigate its waters with ease. The game offers a harmonious blend of in-game purchases and ad options, making everything obtainable while respecting player choice. Our commitment is to offer not just a game, but a serene aquatic retreat, punctuated with events and exclusives that promise sustained engagement. Dive in and experience the tranquil depths of Idle Aquaria. CONNECT WITH US - Join your Idle Aquaria comrades on: - TikTok: - Facebook: - Discord: - Instagram: - Youtube: - Website: Terms & Privacy DIVE IN AND EVOLVE - Discover the ocean's wonders today!
Seller:Amberbite GmbH
Genre:Arcade, Simulation
Release:Apr 04, 2024
Updated:Apr 18, 2024
Size:261.9 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal